ok but wait a sec when magnus asked raph and simon to go to catarina because he needed some ingredients for the spell does that mean simon met catarina?? can you imagine a curious simon looking around the room while catarina mouths something to raphael like “it’s him???” and raphael mimics something like “stop cat” and catarina ignores him and says aloud “so you’re the fledgling raphael loves to talk about so much”


Narnia aesthetic: Susan Pevensie

“But there’s plenty of time for her to mend and perhaps she will get to Aslan’s country in the end… in her own way.” — C.S. Lewis

  • Me: I'm in love....aye, I'm in love
  • Best friend: Ugh, no not again. How many times do I need to tell you that falling in love with a fictional character or a celeb is not going to improve your dating status.
  • Get a grip.
  • There are so many dateable guys around you.
  • ME: Does any of them have a pen that can turn into a sword?
  • BF: no
  • Me: Does any of them intentionally burn good bread, gets hit by his mother and pretend throw it away so that the girl he likes can eat it?
  • BF: no
  • Me: Does any of them throw knives at the person who they like?
  • BF: what?
  • Me: Will any of them go to Japan and become super successful so that he can make himself worthy of the girl he likes?
  • BF: ummmm
  • Me: Will anyone of them do anything that the guys of The Mortal Instruments did for their loves?
  • BF: I haven't read...
  • Me: Do you want me to continue with my never ending list?
  • BF: UMmmm

Happy Birthday Daniel Day-Lewis (April 29, 1957)

“I like to take a long time over things, and I believe that it’s the time spent away from the work that allows me to do the work itself. If you’re lurching from from one film set or one theater to the other, I’m not sure what your resources would be as a human being.”

Shadowhunters meet Shadowhunters

Clary: *sees Kat* How in the world is someone so beautiful and talented playing a potato like me?

Jace: *sees Dom* Goddamn. I am stunningly attractive, after all.

Simon: *sees Alberto* gets an instant boost in self-confidence

Isabelle: *Sees Emeraude* By the Angel, those boots!

Alec: *Sees Matt* Why does he look like me? Magnus, he looks like me.

Magnus: *sees Harry* acts nonchalant but is secretly impressed and tries to explain to Alec what an actor is.

Marvel Preference- What they’re like on the day of the wedding

Darcy would be so excited but would also want everyone to see how amazing you looked. 
“Babe seriously? You even look perfect eating cake!” She says as she stares at you
“Oh my god, this is going on Facebook.” She tells you as she get her phone out and takes a picture mid-bite.
“I hate you.” You tell her with a smile as you kiss her. 

Wade would feel so many emotions at once, everything about it was unbelievable. He would be stressed before going into the church and then when he saw you he would almost cry.
“Alright, you can do this Wilson, she loves you. Y/N loves you.” He whispers to himself as he stands at the front of the church. 
Suddenly music starts and the doors to the church open as your father walks you down the aisle, arm in arm. Wade can’t fathom any words what so ever, he just stares at you like he’s going to cry as you walk all the way up the aisle. 

Bucky would be super excited and when he saw you he’d almost jump out of his skin with happiness. 
“I’m getting married! I’m getting married!” Bucky repeated over and over as Steve tried to fix his tie.
“Yes you are, but to do so you’ve got to walk into that church.” Steve says with a smile.
“It’s time? It’s time!? Oh my god!” Bucky says as he almost runs up to the top of the aisle. 
Bucky stood there bouncing on his feet excited as he waited for you, with Sam and Steve giggling behind him. His eyes didn’t leave the front of the church door, and as you walked in this jaw almost hit the ground.

T’challa would be so nervous and would almost not want to do it, but once he saw you walking down he would know he made the right decision. 
“Alright T’challa, you can do this.” He says to himself with a deep breath as he walks into the church. 
When the music starts and he sees you walk in, he knows that no one could make him more happy than you do and all his nerves calmed.