wyndham asylum


Wyndham Asylum

While Trudy’s past remains a mystery, it is believed that she suffered from a severe psychological trauma during her childhood which lead to her diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (DID). In stressful situations Trudy may transition into one of her alternate personalities: the wild, childish teenager Astrid, the 1950’s housewife Patricia, and male, mean spirited Budd. Struggling to control her alters, Trudy hopes that Wyndham holds the key to recovery.
Trudy Whitlock

Insane |  Proper  |  Mean Spirited  |  Childish  |  Absent Minded


Random Notes: Trudy’s alters are actually just her everyday, formal and athletic wear styled to suit each character. So when using with the insane trait it should randomise her clothing depending on what activity she does making her “transition”. The sleepwear and outerwear reflect Trudy in her natural state. I might edit her traits just to test the insane trait randomising outfits correctly and might replace one of her other ones with the ‘inappropriate’ trait because apparently they spend more time in their pyjamas that any other outfit.

I promise I will send you her zip file with the simfile and CC links tomorrow :P