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As a female bodied woman, I read a lot of interesting things on menstrual connections with the moon in my studies on paganism and Wicca. Often, female bodied people will align with either a “red” moon cycle, or a “white” moon cycle.

White Moon Cycle

  • Full Moon: Ovulation
  • New Moon: Menstruation

During the white moon cycle, the female bodied person ovulates during the full moon. The full moon is a time of increased spiritual power, particularly for female bodied people. The lunar power is strengthening the female person’s fertility and “mother” energy. This female aspect has been considered more acceptable by society, because the female energy is available for childbirth.

Red Moon Cycle

  • Full Moon: Menstruate
  • New Moon: Ovulate

In the red moon cycle, during the full moon, the female menstruates, and lunar energy is lent to the self-reflection and inner healing that comes with menstruation, whereas ovulation is external and parental. This type of menstruation lends itself to inner female development and self healing. Energies are not being put toward procreation and maternality, and the cycle is seen as more powerful and more autonomous, and has been less accepted by society. It is seen as the “evil” woman, seductress, etc, because the female’s sexual energy was being put toward something outside of motherhood and wifehood.

The words used like mother and woman were used in a time period of complete erasure of the gender and sexuality spectrum.

Female bodied people who have any cycle at all are welcomed by the pagan community in the vast majority of the time; In my experience, all the time, but of course, ignorant jerks exist in at least small amounts in any group of people. But every cycle is beautiful, and is right for the female who is having them.