crystalfaeriie-blog  asked:

You should sell those crochet vests they are so lovely

i’m posting this only because i’ve received a few more messages saying the very same thing :) sweet girl, i’m genuinely so glad that you enjoy them as much as i do but the only reason i’ll very hardly ever make profit out of them is because the original design belongs to wyldeskye (her etsy shop here). she’s a mother of two beautiful angels and i’m pretty sure that this is what she does for a living! even if it wasn’t, she would still be the one that created these magical vests and i wouldn’t feel right making money out of someone else’s original creations. i make them for myself because in no way could i ever afford one. i’ve been receiving many requests to sell them but as for now, i don’t feel comfortable doing so. i always redirect people who ask me one to that beautiful nymph’s etsy page :) but thank you for this message, it brings me great happiness that you enjoy them! xxxx much love to you