Wyk appears to have lost his jacket. He seems quite frantic in finding it, feeling rather uncomfortable without it. It doesn’t help that some individuals decide to pick on him when he tries to back track through town. Making fun of the designs on his skull and the cotton candy heart that is lovingly sewn into his sweater, they succeed in upsetting him. After an hour of searching, Wyk is forced to return home empty handed due to his extreme need for his meds. More upset than he’s ever been before, he doesn’t leave his home for a few days, though it’s not like he has a single friend to worry about him, another thought that weighs heavily upon his mind.

phanghoul  asked:

I can really relate to "isn't that just like ryan" being extremely impressive. If anything, I find it more impressive than wyk or even "noice werk, bbboyyoooo"

You can hear his real voice smoothing coming through and it’s…just RAW. Fontaine is an amazing actor I will give him that. 

Wyk and “noice werk bbboyyooo” yeah they impacted you because well you just got tricked by this guy, the betrayal is extremely impacting.


Wyk posted na magkakaron nanaman ng international dota tournament sa MOA this MAY. 7 days nalang until bilihan ng ticket sure na ubusan nanaman at dami nanamang mag dodoble ng presyo ng ticket sa mga naubusan , syempre garapal ibang peenoise eh.

Nung unang events nag attend kame ng bf ko which is ESL tapos biglang nasundan ng Manila Majors which is malaking tournament na akala ko suntok sa buwan na mangyayare. Ayun nga nung ESL okay naman kahit crowded may seat number kayo so kahit ilang beses kayo bumili ng food at tumayo tayo walang aagaw sa upuan niyo. Unlike sa Manila majors na free seating. Nung una sa Manila Majors wala talaga kaming maupuan pero masaya nakong nakatayo nung una na nanunuod. You can feel the hype of the people watching the games. 3 days yung tournament pero 2 days lang kami nag attend ni bf kase sobrang pagod talaga umaga hanggang gabi yung touenament sunod sunod na araw 

Iba yung feeling na nanunuod kang live kesa sa stream yes. Tapos nakita mo yung mga favorite mong team at players. Sobrang saya sa feeling *Ughh* *fangirl Mode*. Lalo na nung nakita ko si dendi tangina teh alam niyo ba simula nung TI2 crush na crush ko na yun di lang magaling sobrang funny din nya sa professional scene. Akala ko never kong makikita sila dendi, arteezy, puppey,miracle  sa personal at yung mga ibang players.  Pero pagod mga bes nakatulog ako sa arena kakahintay ng laro. May break kase kada game kaya umabot din ng ala una isipin mo naka upo ka lang dun magdamag. 

Masaya naman lalo na kung dota player ka pero sa tingin ko last ko na yun dejk depende kung sinong mga team maglalaro. Annnnd feeling ko okay na yung nakita ko at napanuod sila ng live. Pero masaya promise iba yung hype kasama ng mga nanunuod na peenoise

“S-So… How do the threads work, anyways…?”

“Well, each thread in Void Minor represents a single being in this world… The ones closest to the light are us and the other Widows…”

“W-Why are some of the threads so thin…?”

“As a life comes closer and closer to it’s end, their thread will slowly wither in the middle… Until they’re quite literally living by a bare, thin bit of string that just barely holds the two ends together… I could end any of these lives right here, right now, just by severing their thread… Of course, I’m not allowed to do that… But these threads truly are delicate… A simple tap could break any of the ones that are just barely hanging on… The threads only account for the lives of this world… But there are some threads of those that are not of this world… Suspended so far out of reach, I could never possibly get near them… And while we can’t touch them, we can at least keep an eye on them…”

“W-Wowzers… The job of the protector of Void Minor sounds… W-Well, it sounds rough, but boring…”

“Yeah, it is… Why do you think I take all those delivery jobs…?”

“You take a lot of medicine, don’t ya…? I’ve seen you take it at least 2 times in the past 5 hours…”

“Oh, well, that’s because I have to take it at least every two-three hours. Stretching it at three hours is a risky thing to do, two hours means that some of my problems slip through a bit, and every hour means I’m performing at my best. But taking it every hour is hard to remember, and it means I need to have more medicine around, which I can’t quite afford. It’s… A complicated sort of thing…”

“Yeah, I can tell… Is that why you always start coughing right before you take it…?”

“Y-Yeah… My body is a lot more delicate and unstable than most… I don’t have a lot of magic, either…. So, carrying around these special made crystals and taking medicine is a necessity… If I didn’t do either of those things, I would pass away in a matter of hours…”

“Dude, your life must suck.”

“Yeah, it d-does…”