Happiest baby ever is back at it again this afternoon! My cousin asked if I am spiking his milk with sunbeams, which accurately describes his general demeanor :). I am not in possession of any secret smile-inducing ingredient to spike his food with, though I do think such a thing would come in handy on grumpy days. We visited the pediatrician yesterday and Wyatt weighed in at almost 14 lbs, as I suspected.  He also grew TWO WHOLE inches in the last 4 weeks.  He is much smaller than his big brother was at this age, though still not on the small end of the baby -spectrum either ;).  He is hanging around the 77th-80th percentiles on all charts.  

We are off to North Carolina for the weekend to let Wyatt meet his great-grandparents and a lot of aunts, uncles, & cousins. Jackson has been talking all week about how excited he is to “go see Grandma Eva on Friday!” I am also looking forward to eating alot of biscuitville, which is probably one of my most favorite NC activities. 

Have a good weekend friends!


I’m not sure if I have mentioned it on here or not, but I have the happiest, smiliest baby of all time. If you follow me on instagram (@christylately), you are well aware of this fact.  He even has his own hashtag (#wyattsmiles if you’d like to check it out) with more than 50 tagged photos of him smiling for the camera…at only 7 weeks old!  These shots are a few that I have been able to coax out of him while messing around with my fancypants camera.  I must say, it makes it really hard to get anything done with a baby that is THIS happy.  I just want to stare at him and bottle up every single ounce of his happiness and good nature. Be jealous - I don’t think they make very many of these ones. I’m pretty darn lucky ;). 


365 Project | February 26th - March 7th

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March 7, 2015: Moon Sand Mischief

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