So I got tickets to the WWE Live event that was happening in my town for my birthday.we started off the journey with some chipotle and while sitting there talking to waste some time my brother sees WWE superstar Sheamus walk through the door,I don’t end up getting a picture or really even talking to him due to not wanting to bother him (he seemed like he was in a rush).
we left at the same time so I decided I would hold the door open for him and me being the most socially awkward person I’ve ever known says thanks when he tells me thanks.My family shares a quick laugh while i stand there embarrassed while walking we see him basically back up into another car and look pretty embarrassed.So after that embarrassing encounter we head to some stores to shop for awhile to waste time before actually heading to the arena.When we finally get to the arena we park a little ways away to avoid any traffic and stuff on the way out,getting in we didn’t have any trouble and walk around before I get a collectors cup and heading to our seats.we sit there for about 45 minutes before the thing starts and when it does im (along with a lot of other people) are standing on our chairs to see over the taller people.A arena worker comes and tells all of us we can’t stand on the chairs and may I say he was very rude,either way that didn’t stop us short people we continued to stand.The matches were overall very good and the time comes to Roman Reigns match.im seated on the floor and I’m near the edge I go to the end the people next to me say it’s ok and almost touch his hand when he walks by sadly my arms are to short and he was to far away.his match was amazing and next was the main event,Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins,the match was amazing and at the end Dean stays back to sign stuff and take pictures.A lot of people have already left so me and a group of people decide on they’ll let us near the corner to get stuff signed.Boy were we wrong ,the worker from earlier,basically grabs and stops any body from walking to it and says we can’t go over there and basically we have to leave.I go searching for any other way to get Ambrose to notice me and go to the way back near the titatron I get there in the nick of time but people were in front so I didn’t get to touch his hand but I was able to see him up close and personal.after words I head to the car with my family holding the merch I bought during the intermission (a signed Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose picture).the merch and the snacks and drinks were very over priced but I new I wanted the collectors cup which lasted me the whole time so I was fine.
Overall it was a really good time even though I embarrassed myself and didn’t get to touch Ambrose or Reigns hand.the matches were good and the crowd was very good.

WWE house show report 8-1 Hidalgo, TX Rollins vs. Ambrose for WWE title

Finally, the main event was Rollins vs Ambrose. Rollins got massive boos, and Ambrose got a huge reaction. This was the match of the night. It had a lot of action using weapons and also had a good mix of comedy in it.

Rollins Powerbombed Ambrose through a table, then Wyatt interfered and hit Sister Abigail to set up the win. Rollins & Wyatt began double teaming Ambrose until Reigns came out to help Ambrose. Reigns and Ambrose celebrated to close the show. Loudest cheers:


Loudest boos:
The Ascension