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I’m not sure which is funnier, the fact she pushed him out of the way or his face when she did

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Another Livestream? Wyatt Oleff x Reader

Finn and Wyatt were doing another live stream. They were sat in your living room speaking to the camera yet again. Not that it bothered you all that much, you were used to it.

“Does Finn have a girlfriend?” Wyatt read with a smile, “No! Look at this ugly face.” He poked Finn earning him a punch in the shoulder. You laughed.
“Shut up Wyatt! You’re no better!”
Wyatt read another one of the questions and smiled. “Is Y/N there? Yes!”
He looked up at you and grinned. You stood up and plonked yourself between Finn and Wyatt.
“Heyyyyy!” Loads of comments from fans came rolling in. You saw one that made your heart stop. You had guessed that Wyatt had seen it too as he was silent. Finn looked at the two of you, smirked, and read it aloud.
“Are you two a couple because you look so cute together and I ship it with all my heart.”
“Uhhmm…” Wyatt brushed his hand through his hair and looked at the floor. It was known to everyone that you both liked each other. 
“I ship it with all my heart too.” You said out of nowhere

Wyatt snapped his head up and looked at you. Finn was screaming. He took the phone that you was holding and turned the camera so it was facing you and Wyatt.
“Seriously Y/N?”

During the middle of a live stream, Wyatt leaned in and kissed you. Finn was literally going batshit crazy, trying to get it all on camera for the fans that were also going crazy. It didn’t faze you though. You put your hands on the back of his neck and he put his on your waist. You were full on making out by this point. It was like Finn wasn’t even in the room. 


You pulled away from Wyatt and giggled.

“Well,” You said a little breathlessly, “I think it’s safe to say that the answer to that question is yes.”

Wyatt kissed you again, smiling against your lips.

Okay, this was really short but I just had this quick idea and had to write it. I’ll be posting something else tomorrow! Probably more Wyatt imagines bc he’s amazing in every way.

Family of Four: Family Breakfast

Summary: Y/N wakes up to an empty bed as Chris and Wyatt are downstairs, preparing breakfast. 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 1,247

Warnings: None that I can think of :)

A/N: I LOVE THIS!! I swear my hurt melts at how cute this is!! I know the gif doesn’t go with the story but I couldn't resist that cute face. 

Please tell me what you think here! Feedback is much appreciated ♡ 

Part 1 - 

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June 12, 2017 | Monday

Y/N groggily rolled over, trying to smother herself with the warmth of Chris but as it turns out his side of the bed was empty, making her groan. She squinted her eyes open, looking around the room for her husband but before she knew it her eyes found their way to close and she allowed herself to fall back asleep; despite the emptiness in the large bed. It was one of the main reasons why Y/N liked Chris, he was big compared to her tiny frame. Most people, of course, thought that he was an average sized person, that the screen only made him look bigger. But when Y/N literally bumped into him he bigger than she always seen on the screen and she loved it; especially when he embraced her in a hug that was filled with love. His large frame always reminded her of their first night sharing a bed, it was at her apartment and of course, she had queen sized bed since it was only her sleeping in it. But that soon changed once she offered Chris to stay over after they had dinner, knowing it was way too late for him to be driving; not wanting him to doze off behind the wheel. After a whole lot of negotiating, Chris and Y/N finally decided on sharing the bed, not wanting the other to sleep uncomfortably on the couch. It was then, Chris asked her which side she preferred before laying down and his large frame taking up most of the bed making Y/N laugh as she was confused about where or how should be able to sleep. It resulted in the two of them cuddling for the whole night. And of course, both of them never complained as it was the best night and sleep they ever had.

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Happiest baby ever is back at it again this afternoon! My cousin asked if I am spiking his milk with sunbeams, which accurately describes his general demeanor :). I am not in possession of any secret smile-inducing ingredient to spike his food with, though I do think such a thing would come in handy on grumpy days. We visited the pediatrician yesterday and Wyatt weighed in at almost 14 lbs, as I suspected.  He also grew TWO WHOLE inches in the last 4 weeks.  He is much smaller than his big brother was at this age, though still not on the small end of the baby -spectrum either ;).  He is hanging around the 77th-80th percentiles on all charts.  

We are off to North Carolina for the weekend to let Wyatt meet his great-grandparents and a lot of aunts, uncles, & cousins. Jackson has been talking all week about how excited he is to “go see Grandma Eva on Friday!” I am also looking forward to eating alot of biscuitville, which is probably one of my most favorite NC activities. 

Have a good weekend friends!


Charmed meme: optional scenes [2/?]
↳ Cheaper By The Coven (7x03)

actual sweetheart Victor Bennett smiling sweetly to himself at his little girls bickering


im gay and impatient so i rewrote the end of the last timeless ep so lucy and wyatt get 2 kiss 

its literally just the end of the ep but with a kiss this time enjoy

~1150 words

It was over. Lucy was still so angry at Agent Christopher, for putting away Flynn without even a question, but at least she was getting her sister back. Amy was going to be back.

That was what lifted her spirits enough to get past Flynn’s arrest, even if she was still bitter.

She walked over and looked out at the lifeboat. They were cleaning it, as it had become incredibly dirty throughout their travels, especially when they went rogue with it and kept landing in shitty barns and dirty fields.

Wyatt was next to her, tall and strong and unrelenting as ever. A constant. Her only constant, lately.

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Family of Four Drabble: Wyatt’s First Crawl

Summary: Chris and Y/N had been trying every single method to get Wyatt to crawl and it turns out he is one independent boy that doesn’t need his parents help. 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 953 

Warnings: You will die from fluffiness, sorry not sorry

A/N: If you guys have any drabble or one shot request for this series, please send them in. Also if you want to be added to the taglist, send me an ask. Thank you all for reading!! 

Feedback is welcome and much appreciated ♡

Part 1 - Part 2

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August 6, 2017 │Sunday 

For the past couple days, Chris and Y/N had been convincing their son that his parents were truly crazy as they tried each and every method to get him crawling. They first started with putting toys in front of him or sometimes his bottle of milk but Wyatt would manage to outsmart the two of them as he slid on his stomach, making his way to whatever was in front of him. And once he would get his hand on it, he would let out the most adorable, evil laugh making his parents laugh along at his undeniable cuteness. Then they tried to Dodger to crawl in front of him since he loved Dodger and tried to do whatever he did but to their luck, it didn’t work, frustrating both of them as they were running ideas but then Chris suggested a ‘brilliant’ idea which led them to the moment where Wyatt was certain that he was being raised by two crazy people. His parents were on all fours crawling around the living room, Dodger occasionally joining them, laughing at Wyatt’s concerned and confused expression as they tried to get Wyatt to join the fun of crawling around.  

“Come on baby, come on Wyatt,” Y/N encouraged, patting her knees while Chris crawled his way over to Wyatt, kissing his chubby cheeks.

“Go to mommy Wyatt, come on buddy. You can do it, come on,” Chris gestured to Y/N, hoping his son would do something but the only response he got was a toothless grin while Wyatt clapped his hands. The two parents chuckled but it was a dry chuckle, a little disappointed.  Y/N let out a sigh and a grunt as she got up, heading to the kitchen starting on dinner while Chris stayed with Wyatt, missing all the time he missed while he was away filming. Finding it the hardest as he missed so many other things, like his first clap or when he did manage to slide around on his stomach. But this time around, Chris was going to be there for his first crawl, he had to and he wasn;t going to give up on Wyatt. He and Y/N both knew that Wyatt would start crawling when they least expected it, they heard one too many stories from their parents on how they started crawling randomly crawling when no one was looking. But Wyatt, as being the first child, had his parents wrapped around his tiny finger, knowing if they could they would never leave his side.

Hours had passed and nothing has changed except for the family having full bellies. Chris and Y/N were situated on the couch watching Dodger and Wyatt interact with each other, laughing whenever Wyatt did something adorably silly. Y/N switched from watching t.v to her tablet, reading over different crawling articles of experienced parents hoping it will enlighten them with ideas, marking the ones she loved. Chris had gotten up to get himself a drink right when Y/N found the perfect idea to get Wyatt crawling. She jumped off the couch before taking a quick glance at Wyatt, making sure he was safe and followed Chris gesturing to the tablet with a bright smile.

“I think this one will work. This mom used it with all of her kids and it worked.” Chris leaned on the counter to read the article but before he could start he was interrupted with Dodger’s soft barking. Which confused the two of them because Dodger understood the rule of no barking ever since Wyatt was born so Chris straightened his back making sure everything was okay but what he saw was something he didn’t expect. He let out a loud gasp, calling Y/N as he ran to the living room and back to the kitchen ignoring Y/N’s questions.  

“What? What? What happened?” Y/N asked as she ran to the living room herself, coming to a halt when she saw what got Chris so excited. There was her little boy on all fours, focusing on a toy that laid next to the wall. “Oh my god.” Chris finally stood next to her once he found his phone, ready to video his son’s first crawl. Y/N slowly walked closer to Wyatt, make sure he didn’t see her as to not get distracted. It almost seemed like she wasn’t breathing as Wyatt placed his left hand in front, shifting his body, pausing to think about what’s his next move as he placed his other hand next to his left. Then he moved onto his legs, placing one in front of the other; smiling to himself once he got the hang of it, moving forward and closer to the toy. Once he finally got his hands on the toy, Chris and Y/N started clapping, big smiles plastered on their faces.

“Wyatt, baby you did it! I’m so proud of you,” Y/N said in a high-pitched voice, approaching Wyatt picking him up and resting him on her hip, placing kisses all over his face, her heart melting at the sound of his little giggles. Chris walked over to his family but stopped halfway giving Dodger a nice rub and a treat as a thank you for always watching over their little boy. He pulled out his phone making sure to angle it perfectly to fit his family as Y/N and Wyatt smiled brightly at the camera, Dodger posing next to them. He captured the picture and looked at it, his cheeks hurting from smiling so hard but it didn’t matter because he was finally there to witness one of his son’s and his proudest moments.

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I’m not sure if I have mentioned it on here or not, but I have the happiest, smiliest baby of all time. If you follow me on instagram (@christylately), you are well aware of this fact.  He even has his own hashtag (#wyattsmiles if you’d like to check it out) with more than 50 tagged photos of him smiling for the camera…at only 7 weeks old!  These shots are a few that I have been able to coax out of him while messing around with my fancypants camera.  I must say, it makes it really hard to get anything done with a baby that is THIS happy.  I just want to stare at him and bottle up every single ounce of his happiness and good nature. Be jealous - I don’t think they make very many of these ones. I’m pretty darn lucky ;).