wyatt smiles

I’m not sure which is funnier, the fact she pushed him out of the way or his face when she did

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Happiest baby ever is back at it again this afternoon! My cousin asked if I am spiking his milk with sunbeams, which accurately describes his general demeanor :). I am not in possession of any secret smile-inducing ingredient to spike his food with, though I do think such a thing would come in handy on grumpy days. We visited the pediatrician yesterday and Wyatt weighed in at almost 14 lbs, as I suspected.  He also grew TWO WHOLE inches in the last 4 weeks.  He is much smaller than his big brother was at this age, though still not on the small end of the baby -spectrum either ;).  He is hanging around the 77th-80th percentiles on all charts.  

We are off to North Carolina for the weekend to let Wyatt meet his great-grandparents and a lot of aunts, uncles, & cousins. Jackson has been talking all week about how excited he is to “go see Grandma Eva on Friday!” I am also looking forward to eating alot of biscuitville, which is probably one of my most favorite NC activities. 

Have a good weekend friends!

im gay and impatient so i rewrote the end of the last timeless ep so lucy and wyatt get 2 kiss 

its literally just the end of the ep but with a kiss this time enjoy

~1150 words

It was over. Lucy was still so angry at Agent Christopher, for putting away Flynn without even a question, but at least she was getting her sister back. Amy was going to be back.

That was what lifted her spirits enough to get past Flynn’s arrest, even if she was still bitter.

She walked over and looked out at the lifeboat. They were cleaning it, as it had become incredibly dirty throughout their travels, especially when they went rogue with it and kept landing in shitty barns and dirty fields.

Wyatt was next to her, tall and strong and unrelenting as ever. A constant. Her only constant, lately.

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Starting in the Middle

Trying out some Lyatt again because the finale killed me. Based on this headcanon by @victoria-tonks, slightly modified to make it work as a post-finale drabble, I hope you don’t mind!

His skin itched with a restlessness he couldn’t shake, even now that everything was safe. He kept looking up, into doorways, around corners, expecting Lucy to come back, to confirm that she’s safe.

She is, obviously, but that’s not going to stop Wyatt from worrying.

He stalked the corridors until the techs started shooting him odd glances, and that was when Wyatt knew he needed to get some air before they all convened again for their last trip.

Last. It sounded so final, it was final. This was it, once Lucy had her sister back there would be no more stomach rolling trips through time, thrown into different worlds and fighting to protect the past. Ask him a few months ago and he would’ve said that he was glad everything was finally coming to an end, but now…

Now he’d miss it. No point in lying to himself.

Wyatt came out into the large space that housed the charging Lifeboat, easily spotting Rufus near his computer. He collapsed in a chair next to the Pilot, noting the worry that was written all over his face. Jiya, probably, but the last Wyatt had heard, she was making a great recovery.

“How’s Jiya?”

Rufus snapped his head up, like he hadn’t even realized Wyatt was next to him. “She’s fine,” he finally replied, and he meant it, but the worry was still there. Wyatt couldn’t blame him.

“One last trip huh?” Rufus asked, changing the subject.

Wyatt nodded absentmindedly, his mind still running a mile a minute from their last jump. He noticed Rufus watching him oddly and raised an eyebrow in question.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like you could use a drink.”

Wyatt snorted, “We’re going on a mission soon.”

“Pretty sure you were drunk the first time we took this thing out,” Rufus pointed out, and they both cracked up at the same time, the pressures of the last forty-eight hours relaxed for a moment.

“Come on man, you need this,” Rufus stood up and shrugged on his jacket, leaving Wyatt no choice but to go along and follow. They didn’t go far, only wandering to the bar they liked to frequent after missions, when they’d nearly been killed by somebody who’d been dead for fifty years and they all just needed a drink. It felt wrong to do this without Lucy, but Wyatt knew they’d do this again. Rufus would drag Jiya along once she’d been discharged, they’d talk Agent Christopher into loosening up for a night, invite Mason now that they knew he wasn’t a complete ass, and maybe even Amy too because he doubted Lucy would want to leave her sister’s side for a while once she got her back.

(For a moment though, he wondered what it would be like for it to be just the two of them, him and Lucy for one night with no one else to interrupt. It’s kind of startling how much he wants to know what that would be like.)

Five minutes later and there’s a glass of bourbon in front of him, enough that he knows it’ll take the edge off, but not enough to make him useless. He’d promised Lucy that he’d see their last ride through, he doesn’t want to let her down. Rufus watched him across the table, and Wyatt could feel the other man’s questions practically on the tip of his tongue.

“Spit it out.”

Rufus fidgeted for a moment before finally speaking his mind. “I just – I wanted to know how you were holding up.”

Wyatt looked up, frowning. “You were the one that got shot. And nearly lost his girlfriend.”

Rufus winced, but pressed on. “Yeah, and I know I’m fine. But when we came back without Lucy…”

Wyatt closed his eyes, realizing what Rufus was getting at. To say that leaving Lucy behind with Flynn was hard was an understatement. It had literally taken every fibre of willpower he had to turn around and walk away from her in 1954, to watch the Lifeboat’s doors close with her on the other side, to not buckle her in and know with absolute certainty that he was doing everything in his power to keep her safe.

Their first priority had been getting Jiya medical attention, but as soon as they knew she’d be fine, Wyatt had been left to wonder and worry and wonder some more about Lucy, whether she’d be fine and if Flynn was keeping her safe or if the bastard had double-crossed her. He’d sworn on the graves of his grandparents that if Flynn did anything to her, he’d hunt him down with the single-minded obsessiveness that had driven his hunt for Jessica’s killer.

Only this time, he wouldn’t be failing.

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That weird feeling

Here’s another small thing, follow up to this: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9712349   (if you haven’t read the first part, this one won’t make sense)

Since time is supposed to be existing all at once, then everything would change. This is just Wyatt’s experiences in this new reality without Lucy.

He’s 15, sitting in history class, the first time that he gets the feeling. His teacher is going on and on about Bonnie and Clyde. He doesn’t care much about history right now. What’s more important is who he’s going to ask to the school dance on Friday night. Yet, when the teacher pulls up a picture of the scene depicting Bonnie and Clyde’s death something just feels off about it. The first thought that pops into his mind is just: that’s not right. Somehow the picture is wrong. He can see the scene so clearly in his mind it was almost as if he had been there. Bonnie and Clyde shot to death, bodies resting on a field of grass. They weren’t supposed to be dead in some car. Before he can raise his hand to object, the bell rings indicating the end of 4th period classes. Well, whatever he’s got more important things to worry about. 

He forgets all about Bonnie and Clyde once he walks out of that classroom door.

He’s 22 and just started dating a beautiful woman named Jessica. They’re at the movies watching some action thriller. Jessica isn’t paying attention to the movie at all. She’s way more interested in kissing his neck and holding his hand in hers. He has no complaints. He turns his head and kisses her lips. It’s short and sweet. When he pulls away she smiles at him, and then turns her attention back to the movie. She’s such a tease. 

After a couple of minutes, she leans over towards him and whispers, “hey, sweetheart can you pass the popcorn?”

Her words send chills down his spine and creates that weird feeling that he felt in history class all of those years ago.



The name creates an image in his mind of a dark-haired woman smiling brightly at him. She has red lips and she’s stunning, but he’s never seen her before in his life. 

Why the hell is he thinking of this random woman now when he’s got Jessica right here?

All he knows is that he never wants Jessica to say, “sweetheart” ever again. 

He doesn’t like that nickname at all. In fact, he hates it. 

He’s 34, taking his son to the local GameStop for some new Star Wars game that he can’t remember the name of. Thomas is 8 and basically bouncing off of the walls with excitement. Thomas just got a PlayStation and has been bugging him to play it too, but he’s never really seen the appeal of video games. Once they walk into the store Thomas somehow instinctively knows exactly where the game is on the shelf. He picks it up and spins around, ready to run up to the counter when he collides with a random stranger. 

“I’m so sorry,” Wyatt apologizes to the man. “My son is just way too excited to get home and play this game.”

“Ohh, it’s no problem. He’s going to love it. It’s fun,” the guy says. “Right, Jiya?”

“Oh definitely,” the woman standing right next to him chimes in. They’re obviously a couple. 

Wyatt smiles politely and turns around. “Alright, let’s go pay for this." 

When Wyatt and Thomas walk out of the store, he’s hit with another scene in his head.

I trust Jiya. 

Yea, I bet you do. I got eyes, you sly dog. 

Are you and Jiya happening? Is it happening? Told you it was going to happen.

Suddenly, he feels a small tug on his hand. 
"Dad are you okay?" 

It’s Thomas.

"Yea, buddy. Let’s go home,” Wyatt says as he opens his car door. 

What the hell was that?



Charmed meme: optional scenes [2/?]
↳ Cheaper By The Coven (7x03)

actual sweetheart Victor Bennett smiling sweetly to himself at his little girls bickering


we got through all the angsty passive-aggressive fighting




AND JIYA BEING ALL CUTE AND WORRIED AND ALSO A GENIUS. did you see her super adorbs and relieved hello to rufus?????






this episode more than makes up for all the angsty happenings from last week, praise be. 


coolest video i’ve probably ever seen 

Just A Dream Chapter One

“Do you have to go?” Rufus asks as he orders a beer at their favorite bar.
“I have no choice. If I didn’t have to there’s no way I’d go.” Wyatt responds grimly.
“You would think stealing something from a top secret government facility would be enough.” Rufus jokes. Wyatt smiles at him.
“Unfortunately they feel since that it was almost three years ago it doesn’t matter. If they even know about it.”
“When do you leave?”
“Tomorrow morning at ten.”
“Have you said goodbye to Lucy?” Wyatt looks down frowning, his grip tightening on the glass.
“We live together. That’s what I’m doing after this. I already spent most of this week with her. I don’t want to leave all of you-I don’t want to leave her.” Wyatt manages to get out.
“Are you going to tell her how you feel?” Wyatt shakes his head, and Rufus stares at him.
“Why not?”
“I can’t do that to her. She knows how I feel, I know how she feels. I can’t tell her right before leaving only to have a guy come three months later just to tell her I’m dead. I want to tell her when we actually have a chance to be happy.” Wyatt explains. Pulling out an envelope handing it to Rufus he says
“Speaking of Lucy, if I die give her this for me okay?”
“You won’t die.” Wyatt grips his wrist, eyes pleading.
“Promise me Rufus. If I die give this to her. I need her to know.” He says with startling intensity.
“But if you die I promise I’ll give this to Lucy.” Wyatt relaxes.
“Thank you. I’m gonna go see her now though.”
“Alright but Wyatt?”
“You know Lucy can be doubtful. At least give her something to hold on to incase you know, something happens. Because if how you are when Lucy’s in danger is anything like how she is when you’re in danger, these next few months are going to be hell for her.”
“I will Rufus I know she’s practically your little sister like Jiya’s mine. I’m gonna go now. Keep her safe for me?”
“Of course.”

Lucy sits on the couch in her and Wyatt’s apartment and waits for him to come home. It’s only a few minutes but it’s long enough for her to panic and start thinking about everything that could go wrong. A misplaced foot is all it could take. She feels the tears welling as he walks in the room.

The first thing Wyatt notices is Lucy on the couch, head in her hands, shaking. She looks up when he closes the door, looking completely distraught, tears falling down her face. That look that doesn’t belong on her face. He’s at her side in a moment taking her into his arms.
“It’s okay babydoll, just let it all out.” He whispers. Sobs begin to rack her body and his grip on her tightens. She fists handfuls of his shirt as the sobs come faster and harder.
“Let it all out.” He soothes rubbing her back dropping kisses in her hair. The sobs slowly decrease until all that’s left are a few stray tears. She doesn’t relax her grip on him though, and neither does he instead opting to kiss her hair. Lucy leans into him taking a shaky breath.
“What if something happens?” She whispers.
“It won’t Luce I promise.”
“You can’t know that.”
I know that I wouldn’t leave you like that.”
“Wyatt, I cannot lose you.” Lucy whispers desperately against his neck. Wyatt pulls away slightly to look at her.
“I promise you won’t lose me. But I know you’re scared of something you won’t tell me.” Lucy sighs
“It’s just, what if something happens like the Alamo. What if you start having flashbacks and I’m not there to pull you out and you decide to be all heroic and sacrifice yourself but I don’t want you to do that because I need you and I don’t want you to-” Lucy’s voice breaks before continuing. “I don’t want you to die.”
“I promise you if I die that won’t be how I die okay?” Lucy nods. Taking her hand in his he smiles at her.
“I trust you. You are the one that I trust. Rufus needs you…” Wyatt gives her a meaningful look before whispering “I need you.” Lucy smiles at him snuggling even closer to him.
“For the record I knew you guys were gonna save me.” Wyatt smirks at her.
“Well technically I think you saved us.”
“Technically…you’re right. Not bad for a civilian eh?” Lucy laughs.
“No not bad at all.” Pulling her closer Wyatt continues.
“What you’re all about fate and destiny except when it comes to love?”
“I don’t know, there’s a couple billion people in the world and you lose them does that mean you have to live the rest of your life without anyone else?” Wyatt stares at her
“No, just because they’re your first love doesn’t mean they’re your true love that you’re meant to be with for your entire life.” Resting her head on his shoulder she smiles but her heart clenched painfully.
“Wyatt just promise me you’ll be careful.”
“I promise.”
“Thank you.” she replies stifling a yawn. After a few minutes she’s sound asleep.
“Up you go.” Wyatt whispers carrying her to her room. He tucks her in kisses her forehead.
“I love you.” He whispers before walking into his room.
About an hour later he wakes up to Lucy screaming his name at the top of her lungs.
“Wyatt help! No no don’t touch him! Please god no! Wyatt!” He rushes into her room to find her tangled in the sheets, her screams turning into sobs. He untangles her and grabs onto her arms.
“Lucy you’re okay, I’m okay everything’s okay. It’s just a dream wake up ma'am. I’m not going anywhere.” She wakes up and immediately launches herself into his arms.
“Stay with me.”she whispers. Wyatt smiles and joins her in the bed.
“Always.” Is his response (let me know if you got that reference) Opening her eyes she wraps her arms around him and pressed her face into his chest inhaling his scent. His arms wrap around her and the pair stays that way for the rest of the night, stuck somewhere in the middle of awake and asleep.

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