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Hansen’s Natural Soda Celebrates Creativity & Originality with Hansen’s House

The Mar Vista Art Department (MVAD) was recently transformed into a colorful branded space where guests took part in an interactive evening of art, music, food and Hansen’s Natural Soda.

A component of the brand’s “Art of Originality” campaign, Hansen’s House gave people a chance to experience creativity with truly original people making original creations. 

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I went on a small rant because I feel that most black women that aren’t the 3 I mentioned are not defended like a lot of yall say we should. I’m so greatful for the concious black girls in my life that taught me so much and people in my city never question my opinions but woulds always attack them. As a person that will probably one day raise a Black wowen this bothers me.


In honor of Mother’s Day, here are some of my favorite TV moms!!

No title just a quick lil’ set for you to vibe to.. Hope you enjoy. Comment, Like, Reblog as usual.

|Tracklist| no order..

Favorite Song - Chance The Rapper x Child Gambino
You Owe Me - Sango x Genuine
Collard Green - Jeftuz x Schoolboy Q
2U (C.Justice Bootleg) - Kendrick Lamar
Pink Toes - Yeek x Childish Gambino
Studio - Schoolboy x J-Lah
Call Your Name - Missy x Falcons

Art by: Wyatt Mills | Study of a Homeless Man

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