wyatt is just like the rest of the guys. this well not end well


So….that happened.  How are we doing!  I for one am freaking out.  Lots of theories coming into play here including one that is very near and dear to my heart.  

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The nine defining moments of Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation has had its share of big moments, scenes, comedy, characters and even tear-jerking moments that will live on even after next month’s far too soon finale. But there are a particular share of moments and memories that really define what Parks and Rec is all about, why it survived this long and why it is so special. Here is what I believe those moments are.


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Heat of This Moment [Post-Survivor Series 2016 Ambrolleigns One Shot]

Summary: Dean Ambrose was scripted to be eliminated first. He was scripted to come out and “reunite” with his Shield brothers to feed the fans. He was not scripted to actually love those two “brothers” of his, but good thing about that is he doesn’t want to admit he does. Won’t even say it. This is a (very long) one shot following the three boys and what went down after they all left the ring. Established Rolleigns. Past Ambreigns. Lots of angst and misunderstandings but its a happy Ambrolleigns ending!! Please comment your thoughts and reblog if you liked it. @the-awkward-fangirl-hard-life @ilzehs @cookiethewriter @arrowtothecrown @nessaliv @adriennegabriella @justtheaverageblog1 Just tagging some people I think were interested before, if you’d like to be tagged in the future lemme know too!

Roman really would’ve liked for this one to be different. He knew he was stupid to get his hopes up.

Canada. America. Europe.

What did it matter if everything he did got the same reaction anyway? Still. The crowd whooped and cheered for the triple-power bomb. Every. Time.

And that moment he’d felt it— yeah he let himself soak in every drop of that crowd’s love and excitement — as short lived as it was.

He didn’t want to be bitter. He didn’t wanna feel sad. Defeated. But he was damn human, not the Superman he pretended to be. And the fact Dean refused to make eye contact with him, even during their spot, only made things worse.

“Roman sucks! Roman sucks!”

The words were still ringing in his head as he rolled over, wincing while he saw Seth get hit with the RKO and get pinned in his peripheral vision. Roman rubbed the exhaustion from his eyes and cursed creative for booking him to be the last member of RAW left.

Oh yeah.

“Let’s go SMACKDOWN! Let’s go SMACKDOWN!”

Seth was the only thing tethering him to the fan’s good side. Now he was really alone.

Heaving himself up by the ropes, Roman stared blandly across the way at Randy and Bray. Luke Harper too, the fucker.

Roman realized he’d been getting far too many flashes of nostalgia tonight for his health. The Wyatt family and one grain of dirt from Evolution right before his eyes and a terrible ache in his spine all the while.

The match passed in a blur, and of course he wasn’t going to be the soul survivor here, and the echoing sound of the ref hitting the mat beside his head became music to his ears.

At least now the crowd was cheering.

His coal dark eyes stared up at the blaring white lights, and he let himself be pushed out of the ring by Luke Harper’s sweaty head—

‘Didn’t know he was actually part goat, or lamb or whatever the hell their mask was modeled after’ — Roman snarkily thought to himself, but felt the rest of his body roll over the apron and onto the floor.

He just wanted to go.

Seth was already sitting backstage, running his tingling fingertips through his wild curls of hair. He was watching the end of the match play out, and he couldn’t help but notice Roman looking particularly… down— to anyone else he might’ve looked like he always did in the ring — but they’d had enough history together for him to catch the little things in the big dog’s expressions.

He pitied him, he really did. Seth radiated self confidence, wasn’t far off his in-ring persona in real life, and genuinely felt unaffected when he used to get boos, but he knew how Roman was too. Roman was a good fucking guy, and was a good fucking wrestler too, contrary to popular belief.

He deserved better than what he got.

But apart from that… he’d find Roman later, he had to talk to the other part of their very jagged jig-saw puzzle.

Seth found Dean coming out from the locker rooms, roughly rubbing a towel over his unruly mop of hair. Even though the ginger-blond was already in sight, Seth still found his feet speeding up slightly, as if he were afraid Dean would be gone in an instant. Maybe it was because he was half-expecting the lunatic to have already left.



The raspy voice answered back, even though the owner of it didn’t turn around.

“I’m surprised you didn’t leave yet.”

“You know me so well.” The eye roll was palpable in his voice.

“Listen, I know why you asked to be drafted to SmackDown, but Steph told me that she was thinking about getting you to RAW 'cause—”

“No, Seth. You knew why I asked, then you wouldn’t be trying to convince me to come back. So don’t.”

“Fine.” Seth was right beside Dean now, pulling the damp towel from where it was absently lying over the taller one’s head.

“Even if you don’t come to Raw, would you at least try picking up his damn calls? He’s fucking drowning himself, Dean, and I’m not a lifeguard—!”

“—You get a fucking perm or something?”

Seth stopped, brows furrowing.


“Your hair. It’s might as well be tickling the roof of this damn building with all that volume. You need to think about gel or something because water ain’t workin’.”

Seth could practically feel his skin heating up by the second, and threw the towel he’d unknowingly been clenching onto into the wall.

“I see you haven’t changed.” Calm voice contrasting the tense fists tucked into his crossed arms, Seth stepped into Dean’s space- in front of him now.

“And I see you’ve changed plenty. Like the commentators said, You and Ro clearly 'kissed, hugged, and made up’ right? You two sharing rooms again too?”

Seth smirked over clenched teeth.

“I see you’re jealous.”

“I don’t get jealous.”

“Sure, like my hair doesn’t frizz up during matches,” It was Seth’s turn to roll his eyes.

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Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: Are you guys ready for Cliffhanger Friday? I love how much you guys ship Alex and Wyatt, I wasn’t expecting that at all. Some couples are heating up and others are about to have their words turned upside down.


The morning was quiet as Maya slipped out of bed, glancing at Charlie who even asleep looked content. This was her life, even though they were moving quickly, it didn’t feel as though they were, not really. Not with all the years they spent trying to deny themselves thinking the other wasn’t interested while secretly seeking comfort in their darker desires together.

She brushed her teeth, trying to ignore the butterflies fluttering around before she opened the bathroom cupboard and took out the pink box she’d been avoiding for a few days. She knew she couldn’t and shouldn’t avoid it any longer.

Two minutes, it would only take two minutes and she would know.

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Twelve Days of Ludgate-Dwyer (Chapter 2/12)

Christmas 2032. Andy, April and their children, still living in Washington, were invited to spend the holiday season at Leslie and Ben’s in Pawnee. Time to reunite with all their friends they haven’t seen in years and be up to all sorts of shenanigans!

Each chapter represents one day and one person/couple they meet up with. Tags will be updated as the story progresses. The four younger children are original characters by @anotheropti​.

The children I’m using in this story are as follows: Jack (9), Roberta (6), Samantha (4), Lucy and Victoria (3). Note that the Knope-Wyatt triplets are 17. I’ll be posting every chapter early in the morning on the day the story happens (Central Europe time).

22nd December: The One where Ann and Chris meet April’s family [AO3]

Whenever Andy and April are coming to Pawnee, Leslie makes such a big deal out of it that you’d think the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt was visiting her. You’d also think that after seven years of her being back in Pawnee and April still in Washington, she’d be used to the monthly (later cut down to every other month when April had twins, sometimes even less) visits of the Ludgate-Dwyer family and not treat them as visits from heaven, yet every time it happens, she talks about it for days, sends Ann endless lists of present ideas and begs for her honest opinion (like Ann of all people would know better than her: she’s met the older kid once years ago when he was a toddler, then the two next ones a few years later when April wasn’t aware Ann would be present at the triplets’ birthday party and couldn’t just go home, and that’s it − Leslie sees them every other month and talks to them every week minimum),  and marks down the date in everyone’s planner.

It’s not like that bothers Ann, not really. She still craves Leslie’s friendly oddities after spending twelve years apart and if being obsessed with the Ludgate-Dwyers is part of it, so be it. Besides, she’s genuinely happy for Leslie and she’s glad to know April is doing great. Even though April has been avoiding seeing her for the past six years. And Wesley and the other two love April’s kids, which means Oliver is at least a little bit curious to meet them as well, and when Oliver is curious about something, Leslie is too. Not to mention that Andy has been sending emails to Chris for a few months, but they’ve missed each other every time he’s been in Pawnee. They usually only stay the one day, and often modify the date last minute and if Ann has to take a guess, she’d say April probably has a hand in that and is actively trying to avoid them. It can’t be mere coincidence that they haven’t met up at all in several years. Not this time, though. This time, if they’re spending two weeks in Pawnee, everything seems to be pointing at Ann and her family finally meeting up with April and hers at least once. There is finally nothing in the way for it to happen. They will see each other today.

Chris would have gone yesterday, of course. He would have greeted them right off the plane. It took Ben and the triplets teaming up to convince them that you do not want to be there when Leslie reunites with April and her family when they’re about to spend two whole weeks at her place. Especially considering they haven’t seen each other in three months now, due to April’s busy schedule recently (Leslie told Ann all about the new project she’s working on). You really don’t want to be there for all the squealing (that’s Leslie) and the sighing (that’s April), for Leslie’s relentless questioning of absolutely everything that happened to April since they last talked, for her endless fawning over how much the children have grown. You just can’t handle the first night, Ben and the kids say.

Chris insists on joining them for breakfast today, though. When Ann tells him you can’t just barge into someone’s house because you want to see their guests, he shows her that he’s been texting Leslie Knope about it. Ann never knew you could use so many exclamation points in just a couple texts. At least she’s grateful he’s the one to wake Oliver up — that’s never an easy task. And so the four of them, Perkins and Traegers, go knock on Leslie’s door to have breakfast.

Sonia opens the door, looking fresh as a rose as always in the morning.

“Ah, yeah, Mom told me you’d be coming,” she says in her typical no-nonsense tone. “I’ll just let you know, Uncle Andy and Auntie April are still sleeping. So are the children.”

“Well, Sonia, we are all delighted to meet up with them, finally! I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for years.”

Sonia smirks. She’s always liked Chris’s enthusiasm.

“Oh, here you are!” Ben calls out from the kitchen doorway. “Come on in, guys!”

The house is quiet for a place where supposedly five children and their crazy parents are dwelling, in addition to the already hyperactive Knope-Wyatt household. There’s only Ben and his daughter having breakfast (although the table is set for everyone with a subtle taste that can only mean Leslie did the decorating herself), and the other ones are nowhere to be seen.

“So, how did yesterday go?” Ann asks as they sit down at the kitchen table, where an extension has been added to fit everyone.

“Mom was a mess,” Sonia answers as she pours everyone a cup of hot chocolate. “Wasn’t she, Dad?”

“She was rather emotional,” Ben admits.

“Roberta’s hair was cut short. Well, shorter. Mom cried for ten minutes straight.”

“That’s Aunt Leslie alright…” Leslie says and Sonia and her snicker from their corner of the table where they always sit together whenever they’re here, the deadpan duo.

“Speaking of the devil,” Ann asks, “Where’s Les?”

“Oh, she’s in her crafts room making all brand new presents for everyone because, I quote, none of them fit them, Ben, they’ve grown so much, I got it all wrong.

Ann hides her laugh into her hot cocoa. That’s the fifth time this month. She expects Leslie to have changed her mind at least another three times before Christmas comes.

“I’m gonna check if Wesley is up,” Oliver says and jogs to the stairs. He’s barely left the room when three little heads pop out of the door of the guest room and take a peek into the hall.

“Are there waffles?” The taller one asks, who Ann recognizes as Roberta, the older girl.

“Freshly baked,” Sonia replies and the three little kids come running into the kitchen.

The two bigger kids give a hug to Sonia and Ben (saying good morning to “Uncle Nerd”, and seeing Ben’s face, it doesn’t seem to be the first time this nickname is used − this has April’s signature all over it), whereas the smaller girl keeps clutching her brother’s leg and, after glancing at Ann and Chris with horrified staring eyes that won’t blink, she buries her face into his pajama and refuses to let go.

“Ugh, Sam, I gotta sit!” Jack whines and for a second, his voice sounds so much like April’s it’s uncanny. 

He definitely is her son − the pictures already made that pretty clear, but seeing him in real life, looking at them almost warily, it’s as if a tiny version of April as a boy was sitting down on the other side of the table just now.

Roberta, though, is nothing like April. Taller than her brother, sporting indeed very short fair hair and with eyes twinkling with the same cheerfulness as Andy’s always had, she is the portrait of her father.

“Who are you?” She asks bluntly as she sits down in the chair between Ann and Chris that Oliver left free.

“I’m Ann, and this is my partner Chris. We’re friends with your Aunt Leslie.”

Her big green eyes widen with excitement.

“Oooh, I know you!” She cries out with a giggle. “Mommy told us about you, she says you're…”

“Robbie, you can’t tell them that!” Jack blurts out before she can reveal what April says they are exactly.

“What? Mommy always says they’re poopy dum-dums!”

Sonia and Leslie snicker as Roberta stares at her brother, her brows knitted in confusion.

“That’s a bad word!” He explains.

“Oh yeah,” she says, suddenly embarrassed. “Sorry…”

“It’s fine,” Ann smiles. “I… er… I know your mom doesn’t mean it.”

“Mom doesn’t tell lies, that’s a rule!” Roberta says. “Honesty is important.

“Except if it’s a joke,” Jack pipes in.

“Well, your mom makes very good jokes, then.”

“Yeah,” Roberta grins. “She does.”

She helps herself with three waffles, despite her big brother’s bulging eyes, and dives in voraciously.

“You know who makes great jokes?” She asks, her mouth full. “Daddy!”

“Does he, now?” Ann smirks.

She’s about to ask for proof when everyone is startled by a loud crash in the guest room. Well that’s Andy for sure. Ben rushes into the other room only for Andy to shout out “Am alright! Everything’s fine!” and to that, everyone hears Ben sigh in relief so loud that it’s audible even through the wall.

“Okay,” April’s voice says, muffled by the distance and sleepiness. “I’m taking a shower now, are the kids alright?”

“They’re great,” Ben answers, “they’re having breakfast right now with Sonia and Leslie, and…”

“Okay, bye,” April cuts him and the conversation seems to reach its end when they all hear a door slamming.

Then Ben comes back into the kitchen, with Andy right behind him.

It’s one thing to see Andy in the pictures Leslie sends, and it’s something else entirely to see him walk into the room for real, a sleepy toddler in each arm, their little heads resting against his chest, both of them trying to sneak a few more minutes of rest. All three of them are wearing matching pajamas with an embroidered Li'l Sebastian that have Leslie’s paws all over them. And Ann has to admit that Andy, who is holding them tight and bears a huge grin on his face… well, he looks like a great dad.

“Hey hey! You’re here, guys, that’s so great!” He says and pats one of the girl’s head when his voice wakes her out of her sluggishness, and she falls right back against him and nuzzles her face into his pajama top.

“Hey, Andy,” Ann says and watches as he sits the girls down in the chairs next to his own seat just left of Chris. She can only admire what a devoted father he is being all throughout breakfast. He patiently serves his two daughters before himself, talks and jokes with everyone (mostly Roberta, who seems to hold an infinite admiration for him), smiling like he’s never lived a better day in his life. There’s joy in seeing someone who has truly found everything they wanted in life. Ann is so entranced by his radiating happiness that she doesn’t even notice April until she plops down next to her, her hair still dripping from the shower.

“What are you doing here?”

“Hello to you too, April.”

“Where’s Leslie? Ben told me the kids were with Son and Leslie.”

“Well, Uncle Nerd meant my daughter.”

April snickers at the nickname, but bites it back.

“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him.” She looks around and notices her daughter sitting between Ann and Chris. “Robbie, come sit next to me, sweetie, you don’t wanna catch the lames,” she says, but she’s smirking at Ann.

“Your family is lovely,” Ann says as Roberta shrugs and moves seat.

April hides her smile, instead looks around the room at her precious children, and frowns.

“Where’s Sam?”

Everyone seated look at each other guiltily − no one has really paid attention to April’s middle child. Ann curses at herself for not noticing that they haven’t heard from the little girl since she arrived in the room.

“She’s here under the table,” Jack mumbles, looking away from what he believes is going to be his mother’s wrath. Far from it, she simply rushes to pick her daughter up, and the little girl just snuggles into her arms.

“I told you guys a thousand times,” she mutters to Jack, but the whole room can hear her, “You have to check on Sam.”

The way April is cuddling her child against her, her hand patting Samantha’s back soothingly as the girl buries her face into her chest, Ann now sees that Andy is not the only one who matured and found happiness. April is caring, loving in her own April way and her eyes hold all the softness in the world whenever she looks at any of her kids. And even if she pulls a few faces at her the whole time they all have breakfast together, Ann is still happy to have seen her, and she’s happy to spend this time of year with her and her family and Leslie. And deep down, she knows April is happy about it too.

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