wxrk asked:

Melo or KD

If you’ve followed me for a while you’d know my opinion on carmelo anthony. I do not like him at all. A very one dimensional player whos never really focused on improving himself outside of scoring the ball. I think Kevin’s already better than Melo ever was, Melo lead his team with AI to the WCF ONCE, where Kevin has already lead the Thunder to the WCF TWICE. Kevin has scoring titles to Melo’s 1. Melo is a horrible leader, in the way that he doesn’t step up and lead the team in any other way than hogging the ball and not getting his teammates involved. The way Kevin’s played without Westbrook shows his leadership, 12 straight games over 30 without him, while also gettin Ibaka into great numbers over his streak at the same time. Where as Melo gives up and takes advantage of the excuse that his team isnt at full strength to lose games.