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The World In Her Eyes- A Kris Wolf!Au (part 2)

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He stayed around for a while, making sure you were definitely okay, before sniffing the place, trying to make sure no wolf had been around this area before. He drank all the water he could, and much to his distaste he ate some of the food you had left. He felt like a dog doing that, but it was better than starving, and he was going to need his energy if he was planning to go back to the house in this state.

He didn’t want to leave, the sole idea of having to leave you alone in that house made him want to start whimpering, but he knew he had to go back to his pack. He knew they would be worried, and if he didn’t turn up soon Suho was probably going to blame himself for whatever he feared had happened to him. But he just couldn’t pull himself away from you. He needed to protect you, especially now that the others were back.

He walked around in circles a couple of times, as he looked in the direction of your house, trying to see you through the windows, but you must be in some other room. He felt nervous, it felt wrong leaving you. He wished he could stay and look after you, or take you with him towards the house. But that would involve either kidnapping, or shifting back to a human form, and telling you about his species, bonding, and the danger you didn’t know you were in, and that would change your life forever, and he wasn’t sure he could tell you just yet, not until the danger was over.

Well, that and when he shifted he would be completely naked, and he was pretty sure seeing a naked man burst into your house to tell you about shape shifters and bad wolves and bonding was surely going to earn him a trip to a mental hospital, and you would never go anywhere near him again.

So he checked out the place again, to make sure you were safe, and he began limping back home, making sure to cover his tracks as best as he could, so the others wouldn’t be able to track him back down to your place.

He limped through the woods, taking a different route to the one they had taken before, smelling the soil to find his pack’s trail. His whole body ached, and he needed serious rest, he was in a terrible shape, but he remembered Xiumin, and became worried, he was definitely in worse shape, and he had to make sure he had gotten home okay, so he sped up, trying not to re-open his closing wounds.

The end of the forest came into view, as he spotted his large house in the distance, across the large plot of grassland that stood between it and the forest. He smiled internally, feeling the welcoming feeling of his own land beckoning him forwards, as he sped up yet again, trying to reach back into the safety of his own home.

“KRIS!” yelled Jongdae, as he brust through the door and ran straight towards him, followed by Chanyeol and Lay. They all had similar expressions of relief washing over their faces, they were all glad he had returned home alive. He could see it in their eyes, they had all taken him for dead, and he felt guilty for making them feel this way.

He shifted back to human form, feeling the cold air hit his now naked body. He covered himself with his large hands, trying to avoid his friends from viewing him fully, but he realized no one really cared. They had all seen each other in the nude plenty of times before, they were used to it, whenever they shifted, and shifted back they were naked most of the time.

Lay offered him a pair of boxers he had carried out in his hands, and judging by how warm they felt, Kris knew Lay had been holding them in his hands for a while before, hoping against all reason that Kris would make it back home, keeping them there just as a symbol of hope. He knew Lay had prayed for him, and hadn’t given up on him, and that made him appreciate the gentle boy so much more.

Jongdae removed his shirt, and handed it to him, noticing how his skin was breaking into goose-bumps. Kris thanked him, and flashed him a small smile, something he didn’t do very often, since he didn’t have many reasons to smile. But suddenly, he felt like the sun had come out in his world, and things were painted in brighter colors. Life had a meaning now, and that meaning was you.

They helped him inside, supporting his weight on their shoulders, as they brought him up the stairs and into his room. They put him down onto the bed gently, fluffing the pillows up behind him. He could see in their eyes how happy they were to have him back alive, and he realized how accepted he actually was, for the first time he felt like he belonged somewhere.

“Kris! Oh Thank God! You are alive… I thought… it doesn’t matter what I thought. You are here.” Suho cried as he ran into Kris’s room with his girlfriend behind him, looking absolutely worried and relieved at the same time. She looked at Kris with her eyes wide open, scanning his body trying to find any wounds that looked like they needed immediate care, but to her surprise most seemed to have been taken care of.

“You thought I was dead eh? So little faith in me I see…” Kris sassed, as he looked at his alpha with a cheeky smile. His girlfriend smiled behind him.

“Suho was worried about you, you know? You scared all of us. We thought we had lost us. Where the hell were you? Ah, do you want me to bring you a warm drink? I’ll find something for you to eat. I’ll be right back.” She spoke, as she looked between Suho and Kris, before darting out the door. Kris liked that about her, how she was so sensitive to people’s emotions, and always so caring. She had this motherly feel about her, which made all the boys feel a need to both protect her and be looked after by her. She knew Kris wanted to talk to Suho alone, she had seen it in his eyes, so she left.

“Where were you Kris? Why did you disappear?” Suho asked, as he sat down next to him on the bed. Kris looked up at him, his eyes wide and sparkly, as a small smile played on his lips.

“I think… I think I found her Suho. I think I bonded.” Kris said, the smile on his lips spreading further. Suho smiled widely at him, his heart feeling true happiness for his friend. He understood exactly what Kris was feeling, and he was glad someone else understood what he felt when he looked at his girlfriend.

“That’s great! Where is she? Did you talk to her? Please tell me you didn’t run away like I did… Is she why you ran from us?” Suho had many questions, so many he knew if he kept asking, he wouldn’t give Kris enough time to answer them all.

“She lives in a house in the woods, she lives by herself I think. I don’t know her name. I didn’t talk to her, but she fed me, and she was the one to take care of my wounds. I was in our wolf form when I met her, and I didn’t want to shift in front of her… I didn’t run away, I was passed out when she got to me at first, but she stroked my fur… It might have been. I felt an odd pull, I lost you guys, so I ran in a different direction, and I collapsed in the clearing in front of her house. It seems like too much of a coincidence doesn’t it?” Kris explained to his alpha, who just stared at him like a father whose son had just told him he was about to get married.

“You probably felt her then, and ran in her direction without realizing. Is she going to be safe in the woods? You should check on her when your health has improved a little, maybe actually talk to her? I know I’m not one to give advice, I mean, I ran in the complete opposite direction when I met my mate, but I think you can handle it better.” Suho told him, with a smile on his face and a small pat on his healthy thigh. Kris thanked him, he was very grateful to have someone like Suho in his life, someone who felt more like a brother than anything else. That’s when he noticed the little sparkle on Suho’s eyes, and the way his smile seemed to be permanently stuck on his face.

“What’s with the smile? Something good happened didn’t it?” Kris asked his alpha, punching him slightly in the arm. Suho let out a laugh, before running his hand through his hair embarrassingly.

“Ahhh you see… Last night… We got engaged!” Suho exclaimed, his smile reaching from one of his ears to the other. Kris’s eyes opened wide, and a smile spread on his face matching his alpha’s, he was so happy for him, especially now that he knew what it felt like to have bonded with someone.

“Congratulations Suho! You two really are the perfect couple! When’s the wedding?” He asked, as Suho filled him in with the details. His mate listening from outside the room, with her back pressed against a wall, as she smiled shyly at Jongdae and Lay who gave her looks of approval and thumbs up.

Back at your house, your gaze constantly diverted towards your window, hoping to spot the wolf somewhere out in the clearing. You didn’t know why, but you couldn’t get him out of your mind, you were worried about him, about his health. One part of you hoped he had found his pack, and was safe, but the other missed the security and comfort his presence gave you. You hoped he would come back soon, you needed to see him.

What you didn’t know, was that the wolf was actually a man, destined to be with you forever, who was currently thinking about you too, your soft touch, and your warm smile replaying in his mind, as he smiled softly, letting his body finally rest.