Hello, Tumblr community! I was extremely apprehensive about sharing my writing and about making it public as it is very personal for me and I’m probably my own worst critic. However, I’ve taken the plunge and I made a Tumblr account for my writing (as well as an Instagram account, which is linked in my description box) in the hopes that it will enable me to open up more and grow as a writer. I will be posting mostly excerpts from short stories and novels but many are also quotes that can stand alone as well. Please feel free to reblog/express any feedback. Any support is deeply appreciated. Thank you!


- Whitney Joan

P.S. I’m not certain if it’s a good idea or not but to make my posts more interactive, I thought I’d post an excerpt and then leave a question of the day (qotd). You’re in no way obligated to respond to the question. In fact, if you’d like to comment anything, anything that you’re thinking or feelings, that’s great as well. Also, please do not post my work without my consent/credit. Thank you for your understanding!

Excerpt #1 - Qotd: Have you ever felt like this before?

So today Olivia and I were hanging out at the mall because I had to exchange pants and our ride, the always fun to hang with Ally, had to go home so we got stuck there and talked about stuff. It was boring but really awesome at the same time and I really really don’t like not hanging out.


1:◆sRJYpneS5Y:2015/05/24(日)18:41:45 ??? 日本のアニメは斜陽を迎えている。日本人アニメーターで「新世紀エヴァンゲリオン」の
作品で有名な庵野 秀明氏(55)はこうした見解を表した。


続き Sputnik日本 (旧ロシアの声)
http://jp.sputniknews.com/japan/20150523/369080.html 2:名無しさん@おーぷん:2015/05/24(日)18:42:37 bbk お前の寿命だろ 3:名無しさん@おーぷん:2015/05/24(日)18:44:04 SL3 いつ頂点を過ぎたんだ 4:名無しさん@おーぷん:2015/05/24(日)18:44:07 wxJ 高橋留美子の新アニメを見て、作画の下手くそさに驚いたんだが。
上手いところもあれば下手なところもある、と言う認識でOKなのか? 続きを読む

New fic: Preferences

Relationship: Jem/Will

Tags: #angst #slow build #yearning #temporary unrequited love

“Please, Jem. For me, please.”

He sounds wrecked. Jem opens his eyes and turns. Will looks at him, face pale and eyes welling with moisture.

“Please,” he says again. “I can’t…I can’t bear it if…” He trails off and bows his head.

Jem stares for a long moment.

“Alright,” Jem sighs, finally. “I can’t refuse you, anyway.”


The sound of his name is pulsing with some emotion he can’t name. But it makes him accept the dosage of venom without complaint. Jem leans back against the pillows, feeling the poison seep lethally through his veins.

A hand presses to his forehead.

“I’ll be fine now,” he murmurs. “You can go back to your drinking and your wayward women.”

Fic rec: between two lungs by meggie272

Relationship: Jem/Will

Tags: #AU #kisses #fluff #experimentation 

“No. I – yes. I haven’t.”

Jem smiles, very sweetly, a sort of ‘it’s perfectly fine’ smile, and it’s quite infuriating. Of course he wouldn’t mind. He never does. Will has done much more terrible things than lie about kisses, but Jem has never hated him for it. Ever.

“It doesn’t matter. On the scale of things, it’s very unimportant, I think.”

Will’s gratefulness for the being that is Jem is almost embarrassing in its magnitude.