more of the world war z au because well. Anyway, so far they don’t turn when they’re bitten, but they weaken progressively when more of their people are turned, because a nation is an idea held by people. And there’s a frightening chill they feel in one part of their mind that keeps growing…who knows?

Yao’s chosen zombie-killing weapon is a  shaolin spade whereas Alfred’s got a plain old shovel. Imo Yao and Alfred would make quite a pair- Alfred is super strong but really quite freaked out because he’s NEVER seen anything like this. And obviously a hell lot more against the thought of dying because of how young he is. Whereas Yao just looks deceptively youthful and sometimes unnerves Alfred with his old man logic and calm resignation that “well even if we should fail, all nations have to die eventually anyway” haha

Say it with us: Mik-KEEL HOUSE-man. The breakout star of this season’s Game of Thrones makes his US cover debut in a stunning summer-themed shoot by Caitlin Cronenberg and Rushka Bergman #manoftheworld #magazine @michielhuisman

in which arthur fights zombies, rescues two confused londoners, slightly creeps them out & puts his world war one trench club back in service 

“If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness.” -A phrase that was carved on the walls of a concentration camp cell during WWII by a Jewish prisoner