I am a proud Ward Warrior. I will defend Grant Ward until the end of time.

I believe in Grant Ward. For all his faults I will Stand With Ward.

Yes, I know he has faults, he has done bad things. I don’t expect a simple, quick redemption for him but I do know that he will get A REDEMPTION and deserves one.

Grant Ward is a light in the darkness for me, but that’s for another post…

I love and will defend my fellow Warriors until the end of time too.

They deflect hate and ignorance day after day with good grace, excellent meta and consistency.

I haven’t had any hate directed at me for my support of Grant Ward and I don’t know why.

But I wish I could support my friends by taking it away from them.

Finally, inspiration has struck and more comics are to come!!

Hopefully I can get  few up by Monday but that will be dictated by work and school but I have an idea for some Young Justice: should have, could have, would have comics but more importantly….


External image

I love this guy.

So I’m also starting a new series called “What would Prison Officer Wilcox do?” or WWWD (obviously the prison officer bit is left off the initialism) but the series will focus around the young justice team members asking for advice from (the tough as nails) officer Wilcox.

SO IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR QUESTION FOR THE MEMBERS TO ASK WILCOX PLEASE DROP THEM IN MY ASK BOX (or else you’re just going see how ridiculous I get when it comes to making up questions…)

*note: when I first wrote this post the title said insertion instead of inspiration so I might love Wilcox a bit to much…