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Wait! Aren't those pics from 2014? The beach pic was Taylor on vacation with her parents and we know Taylor spent the Christmas holidays with her family that year. Wrapping fan presents were a few weeks before Christmas. Birthday pic was in 2014. So come again? We're in 2016.

WOW! You really must love my blog because you seem to keep coming back, anon lol. Yes, the pics are from 2014, I never said they weren’t. My point with the Christmas polaroid was that Karlie was there for the entire Swiftmas project, which was very important to Taylor and the fans. Not to mention that Karlie most likely filmed multiple parts of the actual video. You can actually hear Karlie’s laugh at 1:46. I think you already knew all of this, but I just wanted to remind you of how domestic Kaylor is.

ANYWAYS! Now for the beach picture. Oh boy do I have some news to share with you, anon! You say that Taylor was with her parents? That is incorrect and I have some very good proof to back it up. Here’s an article that you might fancy reading: http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2015/06/29/taylor-swift-interview-photographs-november-2014-issue

I’m assuming you have time to read it because you are always on my blog 😊

But if you really need me to make this more simple, here is a direct and important quote that I think you should read:

 “…and so it was, on a muggy afternoon in New York, as the city began to empty for the long Memorial Day weekend, that I sat in Bubby’s - a homemade-pie-specialising dining institution, defending the American table and stealing recipes from Grandma - in Tribeca, and waited….And how she had just been away with Karlie Kloss and what a “completely awesome” human being she is, and how she wanted the chopped chicken salad (’without the tomatoes’).”

This took place a few days prior to Memorial Day weekend. The picture that Taylor posted (https://twitter.com/taylorswift13/status/458408117731344384) was posted on April 21, 2014. During this time she had about a three month break from the RED tour before she had to go on the Asia leg of the tour, which began on May 30, 2014. (RED Tour schedule here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Tour) That being said, Taylor took a vacation (somewhere tropical obviously) for 2-4 weeks to enjoy her mini break off of the tour with Karlie. 

The cool thing about the article is that it came from Vogue, and the cool thing about Vogue is that they are always Kaylor af. Surely you know about the whole Kaylor photoshoot, but I am more than happy to link both the article and the video for you! 😊

Not to mention that Taylor has at least one of the pictures from the photoshoot framed and on a shelf in her LA home, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here! 

This is also the very same Vogue that did Taylor’s most recent shoot. In the interview she indirectly spoke highly of her relationship. Taylor contradicted everything that tayvin is just by calling it “low-key.’ Her statement was loud and klear, she is happy with Karlie.

ALSO, the birthday was a pretty big deal for this reason: http://taytaysbeard.tumblr.com/post/142663678159/the-reason-karlie-isnt-in-the-swimsuit-photos-for

I don’t even need to explain that further. That right there is #goals. 

ONE LAST THING. You seem to keep making the point that all of these events happened in 2014 and now it is 2016. I just wanted to go ahead and give you a round of virtual applause now for being able to keep up with what year it is! Good job! Anyways, all of this stopped because of Kissgate. The debate as to whether they actually kissed that night or not is still in question, but it’s irreverent at this point. The reason why Kissgate is such a big deal is because Taylor almost outed her relationship with Karlie, which she was not ready to do what so ever. Now, many Tayvins like to blame the lack of public Kaylor appearances on the Kaylors themselves. Don’t even get me started with that bullshit because a small fandom does not have that much power over celebrities. Taylor and Karlie are very much in the closet (pretty sure they’ve found Narnia by now)  and their relationship is truly the epitome of low-key.

That’s all I am going to say for now. I just wanted to thank this anon for giving me the opportunity to be able to explain all of this, it’s always a treat! Also huge thanks to @taytaysbeard for the wonderful links and also thank you to @kaylornation for the Kissgate tag. Toodaloo!