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Hi my little watchers!

It was a moment that i had not written a theory (i had a lot of work in recent months: s but i’m still working actively on it and i wanted to thanks all for be each day more and more! <3 :D)

We will soon reach 800 subscribers! god :o! i never thought one day reach this biggest number! many subscribers on Tumblr knowing that it s not my main page! it’s crazy! THANKS THOUSAND TIMES! …

So today i decided to share with you an amazing theory, i always study before launching my theories , and if i announce that, it s not without reason; So as usually don’t leave comments or other without reading all of my theories and remains subjective because it’s just my own thought.

So let’s go ;)

I’m interested in a character which that many ignore the name:

Why focus on this character?

Because in reality in its form, its magic hides more than it seems, and an important index was left by Mashima:

I then asked how Reedus was able to imagine the Carla human form and that years later i’m noticing that :

188 scans later…

his drawing was realized ! : O god!

This guy can read the future or what? it was not a coincidence … so could it be that the Reedus magic through these drawings is much more than that?

Could it be that magic drawings can imagine the actual shape of each person in the future?

So check this by ourselves:

OK…. so Happy become a dragon later?

Not need this, he’s already!

But not him, his alter ego:

WHY? :

A small flashback is needed ;) remember this:


and Porlyusica is none other than the version of Grenadine

which means that each dragon has its version of Edolas …

But not only :

Cats Edolas have also a version of Earthland …

Now remember this characteristic, these three people have two things in common:

- The first : they have their alter ego: Edo / Earthland

- And the secondly:

They hate humans … unlike Grandine, Ichiya and …

I have long studied the Acnologia body for a while for my next theories, and what is sure is that Acnologia has not physical characteristics similar to any other dragon, and he does not have the same appearance.

However, he ‘s blue color, his white center, as happy (ex: opposite that of Metalicana, Grandine or to Igneel which is yellow / beige)

His shaped wings of angels and not of dragons (as Igneel “bat form”)

Those eyes, the mouth, the peak under the neck are similar:

and these ears

no doubt that it is indeed Happy dragon form

Still not convinced?

So let’s look more closely the birth of Happy:

Natsu said that this is not an egg as another


He sees the mark of a dragon’s claw, it is good because the strangeness here is, in reality; Happy possess black paws, not pink or white as normal cat ;)

 Acnologia flames of the body have the same pattern,

However I rather see something like:

The mark on his eye ;)


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