The Harmonious, Happy Gem.

Europeans wear pearls as an everyday piece of jewelry, not just for formal ocassions. But pearls today have become synonymous with bridal with many mothers and grand mothers passing down their own pearls to the next generation. But not every culture believes that pearls worn on a woman’s wedding day are good luck.  

The Italian, Filipino and Mexican cultures believe pearls bring a “tear filled marriage”.

However the Greeks and many other cultures believe they “take away” a bride’s tears and promote maritial harmony. 

Pearls symbolize love, harmony, success, happiness, modesty, chastity and purity (that’s a lot for a little gem).

But me, I like the look and feel of a string of pearls and one of my favourite new looks is the beautiful “blue” twist designer Morgan Randall put on his pearl necklace.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Bridal pearls (yours or your Mom’s). And if your interested in checking out Morgan Randall’s collection do drop me a line: caroline@theweddingdresser.net