Your style personality check: The Good The Bad and The Stylish. Every trend has an element of the good girl, the bad girl and the style stand out and the Wild West forgives none who fall behind.  Forget the spurs, plaids, hats and other costume culprits. This is not a trend to pick up on any old dusty trail.  These are style staples worthy of campfire legend and style folklore.  From the bankers ballroom to the settlement camp there are some styles that have stayed the test of time and if you look closely in today’s top designer collections you can see the history of the late 19th century and the beginning of the Wild West’s influence in the deconstruction of the European way of dressing.  So Annie Get Your Gun because we are ready to take this show on the road and settle some debts owed to your wardrobes.

So you don’t have to bang your head to come up metal, we present our line up of metallic must haves.  The Style Armory makes getting the look as easy as one, two, three.  Metal shell bags are a unique way to make a statement without turning your wardrobe into a solid gold overhaul, after all sometimes a girl just needs one coveted item to turn her wardrobe from mediocre to metallic.

You are the ultimate Rebel With A Clue when you let your sleek side shine and we have just the treats to trick you out.  Body hugging angel knit dresses by Martisse and Vintage floor length maxi’s with cropped leather jackets let you Rock, Rock, Rock Around the Clock from the boardroom to the bar without skipping a beat.  The look is reformed rocker meets boardroom babe and lets face it One Way or Another …. You’re gonna get um get um get um get um.

Walk this way towards the ladies who ruled the look.  Marlene Dietrich made film and fashion history when she appeared in the 1930 sensation Morocco with Gary Cooper wearing a full men’s tuxedo and top hat during her strip tease scene- minus the strip tease.  The men went wild at the juxtaposition of this beguiling beauty in this buttoned up to there masculine look and we have not looked back since! The Black & White Tuxedo look lived on throughout Yves Saint Laurent’s rule and continues today to evoke a smart sexiness that demands and commands all the attention in the room.  Let’s face it anyone can put on a barely there dress but it takes a real style student to make her mark in menswear.

Jean-Machel Basquiat embodied the independent spirit, raw talent and singular motivation of a true underground artist.  Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1960 Basquiat showed signs of his artist talent as early as 4 years old, by 1976 he was a dropout, a runaway and one third of a notorious Graffiti team know as SAMO.  SAMO may have declared itself ‘DEAD’ on the walls of SOHO in 1979 but Basquiat’s legend was alive and well.  With live cable TV show appearances on TV Party hosted by Glenn O’Brian and the formation of the band Gray, Basquait may have been living on a bench in Washington Square Park with the bag ladies but his rise to fame was about to begin.  In 1980 Basquiat got two solids from his pal O’Brian, first by starring in his independent film Downtown 81 and later being introduced to Andy Warhol. Basquiat tore around town in paint splattered Armani suits catching among other things the attention of SoHo gallery owner Annina Nosei who formally introduced his work to the art world. In 1986 he appeared on the cover of The New York Times Magazine in a feature entitled “New Art, New Money: The Marketing of an American Artist” and briefly dated aspiring singer Madonna but his growing heroin addiction combined with the death of his longtime friend Andy Warhol led to isolation, depression and ultimately his overdose in 1988.  When he was found dead in his art studio on Great Jones Street in NYC at the age of 27 the art world and the downtown scene mourned the loss of a true original work of art.

When the real style set wants to turn up the dial on their bad-o-meter they know to land on Color Me Bad.  The only color that can take you Rolling in the Deep is Mean Green and much like its alter ego, black, deep green gives you an edge without leaving you in the dark.  Deep Green leathers and enamel accessories get a fire started in your heart with gold hardware while patents take a cool personality that leave your competition feeling like they almost had it all.

Punch Drunk Love: A term used to describe someone behaving in a bewildered, confused, or dazed manner from having been physically, mentally or emotionally punched. No wonder we are feeling the effect after this season’s parade of Kool Aide inspired looks. As each model came marching down the runway hitting us over and over again one amazing, rich color at a time we could not help but run to the vault and pull out our own secret stash of this style elixir. While some of us like ours straight up we are happy to serve it up with a twist so don’t be afraid to mix and match separates to create your own color cocktail.

She’ Crafty and she’ s just our type… This week The Style Armory paints a pretty picture of mix and match Parisian inspired looks.  Perfect for an afternoon at the museum followed by a stroll in the park, coffee at the obscure café to ponder about the ways of the world and an evening of cocktails– to paint in oil or to paint in water color is to be the conversation of the day.   The artsy are accused of many self -indulgences and thankfully so for we love the living mosaic montages that these ensembles take on and the endless and often pretentious evolution of the self proclaimed artist’s wardrobe.

We are nothing if not avid supporters of creativity and self expression (have you read our product descriptions?! Not exactly standardized copy) but we also appreciate a good edit and we heed the warning of our beloved iconic editor Polly Mellon who declared these words of infinite wisdom, “fussy, finished.”

All That Glitters is not always Oscar gold but when it comes to Greta Garbo the Midas Touch is in full effect.  Our Vintage Coty Gold Metal Envelope Compact with mirror is just what Garbo needed to gaze at the face that was second to none. Nominated four times for an Academy Award Garbo was so beloved by her peers and critics that she eventually got her Oscar, when she was awarded an Honorary Academy Award in 1954. Her performances were visually stunning thanks to her perfect face – considered one of the most beautiful women to ever live Garbo retired at the tender age of 36 and became reclusive and went to great lengths to shun the public.  It is rumored that she did not want anyone to see her age and wanted to only be remembered for the remarkable beauty she once was.  Since she was ranked 5th on the list of greatest female stars of all time Garbo’ s face and name will eternally be synonymous with Hollywood Royalty and Icon of Beauty.

Everybody knows that during holiday season Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and The Style Armory has just what you need to arrive to those holiday parties in style.  After all, your friends may be busy decking the halls but every style troop knows that the most important thing to deck out is your wardrobe. While everyone else is stringing popcorn and hanging the mistel toe we were busy making a list and checking it twice to make sure our vault turned you out in everything naughty and a few things nice. Play your cards right and your Santa Baby will hurry down the chimney tonight and when he does we want to make sure he catches a glimpse of you in your come hither holiday best.  While he is pouring the egg nog don’t forget to pour yourself into something that will remind him who his secret santa is. When the office party calls and the networking invitations start to make your nights out feel more like a night job we turn to the Party People who know that the energy needed for a costume change from work to wonderland can sometimes be as hard to power as Santa’s sleigh and so we decided to present ( ha ha get it present… whatever, anyway ) ehem, we decided to present you with sensational seasonal separates that can take you from day desk time to party time with a few quick tricks.  While your office mates are busting out their reindeer sweaters and christmas pins you can show them how the troops mix go to holiday inspired pieces with effortless, chic, everyday, cool staples.  Tonights bar special is one part sparkle and two parts matte = 100% Cool. When all else fails nothing gets you in the mood and keeps the party going like  The Girl that Can’t Help It.  We are talking about the girl who is the life of the party and doesn’t care who knows it! She can’t help being the center of attention and we couldn’t help it when we decided to feature the one and only Jayne Mansfield in our salute to scene stealing sirens whose knack for grabbing all the attention in the room was second to none.  Credit her ample bossom, her plantinum locks, her hourglass figure or her wardrobe built to bust- but anyway you cut it this blonde beauty was the life of the party without saying a word.  If looks could kill hers sure were leathal, killing more then one hollywood actresses chance at getting anyone’s attention whenever she walked in the room or stepped in front of the camera.

Nothing says Fall like belts and no belt is mightier then the waist belt.  Whether it is Age of Innocence inspired corsets or the centuries worth of smartly cinched styles the name of the game is Structured Silhouette.   Belts these days are pulling double duty as they whip some wow into your wardrobe.  Belt yourself into must have furs and statement coats stepping your game up with every notch.  Your look takes two when you slip those layers off and buckle down into your final act with one quick switch from the hip.  Every girl loves a versatile investment and with these two trick ponies you are sure to feel like you got your monies worth.

When it comes to Garbo It’s Not So Black and White and neither is our Navy Vintage Oversized Clutch with two sided mirror and Change purse.   Garbo began her film career with a lead role in 1924 catching the eye of MGM big wig Louis B Meyer who quickly signed her up for a series of starring film roles.  Garbo was so captivating in the silent error that all the studio had to do to promote her first  ’talkie’ was to simply say – Garbo Speaks.  Greta Garbo was known for her straight forward and serious personality which dominated her film roles and so when she signed on to do her first comedy in 1939 the studio once again relied on the audiences obsession with everything Garbo and promoted the film with the simple tag line- Garbo Laughs.  Let’s face it – you know you are beyond a star when the promo factory only needs to attach your name and one verb to promote two major motion pictures.

Nothing brings the clean look to everyone’s full attention like a shot of good old fashioned Solid Gold.  Gold never leaves you out of style and never lets you down whether your working in bracelets or belts, necklaces or rings you are sure to knock um dead with your arsenal of killer vintage accessories.  Don’t let the Gold Rush pass you by this season. Nothing could be easier than slipping a little bit of metal magic on to bring home the gold.

When the cold is the enemy the best defense is What Lies Beneath.  After all you can wow them with your style from the inside out because when those layers start to peel off in the dim light of the cafe or the burning lights of the office glares you want make sure you have your best armor on and what better way to suit up then with our Alexander Wang Trench Style Dress.  Take it to the dramatic streets when your cashmere coats and fur wrappings come off to reveal our mid evil meets modern riding hood Vintage Hooded Cape and Maxi Dress.

Blondie is the ultimate Fashion Icon Rock Babe and as the lead singer and namesake of the chart topping pop punk band BLONDIE her killer voice and killer looks made this little lady the original Pop Tart.  Not since Niko had a rock chick come along with Vogue cover looks and a distinctive voice but the similarities end there.  Blondie took it one giant step further by making her fashion choices as deliberate as her pop songs.  Like most women who dare to own beauty as proudly as they own their voice Blondie front women Debbie Harry was widely criticized by the underground punk world she hailed from and eventually was the object of jealousy and ridicule from the very band her voice and looks made famous.   In true Rebel Style Blondie emerged the victor as a pop punk icon and living rock and roll legend – and along the way topped the fashion charts by becoming a beloved Fashion Icon.  Blondie we are in RAPTURE.

Creating a new look? It’s A Cinch with The Style Armory’ s hand picked and closely edited selection of belts and cummerbunds.  You can take your look to the east or the west when you buckle yourself into this season’s must have accessory.  What better way to change your silhouette in a pinch then with the illusion of inches melting off in a cinch?