Zynga is just days away from going public.

If you haven’t considered selling your home, your car, and possibly one of your children to purchase a couple of thousand shares of this sock… well than, you are not thinking like Millionaire. 

With shares expected to start around $8-$10, you should be in a great position come the end of the 3rd Quarter 2012.

Dear Netflix,

I know you’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now, the whole price increase thing in July, the netflix-quikster and now back to netflix deal…

But I just want to thank you personally for making all 115 episodes of “The Wonder Years” available for Instant Netflix.


The 12yr old boy that lives inside of me.

PS. You guys should probably consider bloging about this, just saying.

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Willie Nelson + great song + Chipotle burritos = Something Beautiful