OCTOPUS anyone?

So, I love me some BIG jewelry and I design some of my own pieces (www.SheRocS.com), but I am really loving me this gold and friends octopus rings. If anyone knows where I can find them, please let me know. Jewelry to me is so personal and such great conversation pieces, I think everyone should own something that speaks to you, whips up a convo or two and makes you smile.


So New York.

Must watch if you even deem yourself 1% New Yorker. Awesome.


Mike Thompkins at it again, a mouth is all he needed to make this video, literally he makes all the sounds together and mixes it together it’s amazing!


I’ve been teetering whether I’m into this Oxford look or not, and I must say these Oxford-esq heels hit the mark big time, the color, so perfect for fall, the heel height ah hello, fab… and just the over all look makes me want to grab the slouchy slacks, wool, oversized sweater and and argyle socks and just get my London on. Cherrio people! Cheer-I-O!


So, last night was my first Yankees game in the new stadium, well let me just tell you they did an amazing job and I really felt like I was in the same exact stadium with some obvious upgrades. Everything was awesome, I must admit. Oh but Johnny Rockets (who I have a very personal tie too as we all know) needs to majorly STEP IT UP on the BURGER, wow it was the most squished burger ever, like someone sat on it. But I still ate most of it anyway out of hunger… but I think I’ll stick with my hot dogs from now on! Overall, the game was great!