First aired on July 27, 1987, Shark Week has become an annual event. It is now broadcast in over 72 countries and last year over 30 million viewers tuned in worldwide. This is a fantastic forum to discuss the current plight of sharks, to discuss the 100,000,000 being killed each year, and to explain the latest findings from scientists and conservation groups.

But, with a line-up such as “Great White Invasion,” “Jaws Comes Home,” “Rogue Sharks,” “Top Five Eaten Alive” and “10 Deadliest Sharks,” I am not sure viewers receive a balanced understanding of shark behavior and their complex niche.

Peter Benchley’s widely-read book turned blockbuster, “Jaws,” certainly entrenched terror into people. This widespread, inaccurate and sensationalized bad public relation story was the reason behind many shark hunts and many senseless deaths. Today I still meet people who refuse to go into the ocean due to a phobia instigated by “Jaws.” Is Discovery Channel’s Shark Week merely taking this scenario to the next level, instilling fear into millions around the world? Will people be inclined to protect sharks if they believe they are merely patrolling, killing machines?

Making this an even more interesting debate, most people will never have a first-hand shark experience. Very few people have SCUBA certification, the access and the inclination that would lead them into the water to observe sharks on their own. They rely upon scientists and filmmakers to bring stories back to them.

The alternative viewpoint is interesting and strong. Why doesn’t Discovery Channel have a Butterfly Week? Clearly, this is because sharks have the capacity for drama and mystery that will keep an audience riveted for an entire week. Discovery Channel is a for-profit business. They try to attract as many people as they can to their line-up. They have a proven formula: “jaws and claws” sells.

How should Discovery Channel handle future Shark Weeks? Do they have an obligation to use some of the Shark Week exposure and momentum to educate their international audience about the exponentially growing threats? Should they dedicate time slots for public service announcements that discuss the perils of  shark finning and shark fin soup?

Discovery Channel is not under any obligation to produce educational programming. They are accountable only to their shareholders. However, if they do not start using their media to shift international perspective, if they do not allocate at least a portion of their resources toward supporting governments protecting sharks, if they and others in powerful positions do not wield their success to seek out and implement solutions that will protect sharks, Discovery Channel will lose their ability to cash in on their success because Shark Week will need to be moved to the History Channel.

If you would like to do something for sharks today, please sign a petition urging the California Senate to pass AB 376 which will help stop shark finning.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/should-shark-week-focus-on-conservation.html#ixzz1U2iwzBzk

Written by Georgienne Bradley, Executive Director of Sea Save Foundation

Who is really in danger here?


  • Over 100 million sharks are being killed each year.
  • Most sharks are only killed for their fins. The rest of the animal is tossed overboard.
  • Fins are used to make a soup.
  • California bill AB 376 is not only about sharks. It is about protecting our oceans.
  • 80% of our large sea animals disappeared in the last 20 years.
  • Sharks are essential to the health of our ocean.
  • Without sharks our oceans will turn into barren wastelands and people around the world will starve.


We have a chance to help reverse this.
Help Save our Oceans.

The clock is ticking.  Please help us pass this essential bill, by taking just 2 minutes to Sign the Petition to ban the possession of shark fins in the state of California.

HAPPY NEWS DAY! - AB 376, which bans the sell, trade and distribution of shark fins just passed the CA Senate 25-9!! A BIG Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to sign the petition and forward to others. We could not have done this without you! : )

More to report shortly but we just wanted to thank you all in Tumblr land for all the reposts, re-tweets and mentions to our petition link. This is a huge victory not only for sharks but for the health of our oceans ecosystems and you all helped to make this happen!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from the bottom to the top of the ocean! 

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2011 was a great year for Sea Save Foundation. We must continue with our current momentum.

Please take a moment and have a look at our 2 minute video of our year in victories which we could not have done without all your support! 

Economic times are hard, but we are asking for only $20.00 from all our friends. $20.00. The price of a round of Starbucks coffee or the entry to a single movie for two people. Together we can make a difference. Together we can finish what we have started. Together we can protect the final 20% of sharks and other large megafauna in our oceans. 

As a scientist, I can assure you that the Pew Foundation study is both based upon sound science and is terrifying. As a humanist, I am concerned about the many families whose lives depend upon the collapsing fisheries. As a diver, certified in 1981, I can assure you that our oceans are in great need of our help. I have seen first hand the deterioration over a short number of years. 

As a nonprofit volunteer, I hope you choose to support Sea Save Foundation. Our overhead is low and our programs are strategic and effective. Please view our video for a short account of our 2011 accomplishments, I know you will agree our work is worth a $20.00 donation.

Thank you again and Best Wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2012!!!

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Our petition just passed 8,000 signatures!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!! Thanks for the support everyone!!!! If you have not signed yet, please do so now. It literally takes just 2 minutes! It’s YOUR Ocean. DO Something About It!


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Thank you,

Your Friends at Sea Save Foundation 


“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can make a difference. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   ~ Margaret Mead

Today, we are that committed group of citizens and we can be proud of making a significant change.  AB 376, which will eventually make it illegal to possess shark fins in the state of California, is just a signature away from becoming law.

This bill is critical to stopping shark poaching in all of the Americas because, shark finners will close up shop when they can no longer find a market.  Below is how we helped get this bill through the California Senate. 

The Manhattan Beach Rally was a family day. Kids and their parents showed up to learn about sharks, make buttons, draw pictures and make it known that they want a healthy ocean to share with their future families.  

On September 6, 2011 the California Senate passed Assembly Bill 376 by a vote of 25-9. This bill will prohibit the sale, trade, and possession of shark fins here in California.  AB 376 previously passed the State Assembly by a vote of 60-8, and Governor Brown is expected to sign the bill into law. 

Sea Save Foundation was able to collect 11,960 signatures on a petition supporting this bill.  Individual e-mails were sent to Senate representatives and the entire list was used by bill author, Paul Fong’s office to lobby senators. 

Sea Save Foundation representatives reached out to kids on the Santa Monica Pier and helped unleash their creativity.  The message was clear.  “Save Our Sharks.  Save Our Oceans!" 

It is because of your support, signatures, phone calls, emails, donations, re-blogs, and re-tweets that this was possible. Thanks again for helping us in our effort to protect sharks, our oceans, and our children’s’ future. 

Warmest Regards,

Georgienne Bradley

& and the entire Sea Save Foundation Team

BILL INTERRUPTED - California Shark Fin Ban Hits Road Block.

AB 376 would make it illegal to possess shark fins in California. The fin trade is rampant; an unsustainable 73 to 100 million sharks are being harvested from our oceans every year and California is a key shipping hub where fins are collected from all of the Americas before being sent to China and other countries along the Pacific Rim.

On August 15th, 2011, AB 376 was placed in the suspense file. This means that more information is being gathered and amendments are being considered. This also means that this critical bill is in danger of quietly vaporizing. Current amendment requests would both weaken the bill and make enforcement expensive and therefore unfeasible.

The entire superorder of sharks constitutes the primary apex predators in all our oceans. Maintaining healthy numbers of these essential animals keep ecosystems healthy. They pick off sick animals before disease can spread and keep other populations in check so they do not explode in numbers and eat other prey populations into oblivion. Other states and countries such as Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Palau the Bahama Islands and others have already passed similar bills. Since sharks migrate and patrol wide territories, and they do not know political boundaries, we must join an international coalition to bring these animals back from the brink before our oceans’ finely tuned balance collapses.

AB 376 was co-authored by Assembly members Paul Fong and Jared Huffman. On February 14, 2011, the bill was introduced and passed with an overwhelming majority in the California Assembly. The bill moved the Senate and there it drew high profile support from over 75% of Californians (Information collected by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates). The opposition hired two top-paid lobbyist firms, Lang Hansen O’Malley & Miller and Sloat, Higgins, Jensen & Associates. These firms represent major corporate clients like Walmart, Altria (Philip Morris) Accenture, and Anthem Blue Cross and they began circulating rumors that the bill was based upon the discrimination of Chinese Americans. Many senators are fearful of appearing racist and began requesting amendments to the bill that would make it both weak and expensive. Given the current financial state of the California budget, an expensive bill will not get passed.

We currently have over 11,000 signatures on our petition in support of the bill, but we need more. Our goal of 25,000 signatures will help ensure that this bill becomes law. We are hoping for a groundswell of volunteers who will take this electronic petition into communities, workplaces and universities. We need to exploit the full power of social media and give a clear message to our senators. We are not willing to risk the collapse of fisheries and our oceans for a cup of soup! Take action today.

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Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/bill-interrupted-california-shark-fin-ban-hits-roadblocks.html#ixzz1VgtdgRU5

We Did It! Thank you for helping us pass AB 376.

Our AB 376 petition garnered 11,960 signatures! Sea Save Foundation would also like to thank many others: the bill was sponsored by Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Asian Pacific American Ocean Harmony Alliance and supported by a diverse coalition of many other organizations and thousands of individuals.

Last push everyone! Have you signed,reposted and shared?
Do it now. Get your friends to sign. Get your relatives to sign. Post this in your groups & “like” pages on Facebook. Let’s give this petition a big last minute PUSH. 

 Sign the Sea Save Foundation AB 376 petition HERE to ban shark finning once and for all in California!

Do it for the sharks!


Thank you!

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Hey there fellow Sea Savers!

Want to help Sea Save Foundation continue it’s efforts to help support AB 376, to bill to help ban shark finning in California?

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We are not asking you to reach into your pockets just your junk drawer or dust off an old box where your old and unused cell phones and ink cartridges are living a sad and lonely existence.

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We will be re-posting this message throughout the year to remind you where you can help support our efforts and send these unused and unwanted phones & cartridges. Oh and to make it even EASIER, shoot us a message & we are happy to provide you with a prepaid mailing label so sending it is no cost to you! SEE how easy, recycling and donating AND saving the ocean can be?! 

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Thank you!

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SUPER, UBER, AWESOME News over here at Sea Save Foundation!!! The ultra fabulous and always adorable, Jennifer Love Hewitt just gave us a shout out on her Twitter earlier today and has teamed up with us asking YOU to Sign the AB 376 Petition to ban shark finning in California. Please sign the petition before the vote which is this Monday, August 15th. 

Thank you so much Jennifer, you are Sea Save Foundation’s honorary "Shark Whisperer" <3

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to reblog, repost, retweet, text, telegram ; p and just taking a moment to understand, reflect, and show compassion for animals and how this is not just about sharks but the health and sustainability of our oceans. We cannot do this without you!

You can watch our latest Public Service Announcement here to learn more. 

An ocean devoid of life is a difficult concept to digest, but we are heading in that direction.  We are currently deconstructing the foundation of the intricately balanced web that supports all marine life.  From microscopic plankton to the largest blue whale, they all depend upon the continuation of a mathematical equation, a system of checks and balances that insure the survival of each species.

If there is even a minor quantity change in any member species, it upsets the universal balance. A species removed from the system results in an accumulation of their food source and starvation of their predators. This event then effects the next species predator/prey and so on.

So what happens when an entire super-order of fish, is removed from the oceans on a global scale?  This is happening now.  According to a recent Pew Foundation study, sharks are being removed from the ocean at a rate of about 100,000,000 annually.  This is unsustainable for sharks and is having a decimating effect on the world’s fisheries and the health of all marine ecosystems. When an apex predator is removed from a community, sick animals are left to spread disease, the food source of the prey species cannot support the newly expanded population.  When the food disappears, the consumers starve to death.

Exact estimates conflict, but all studies agree that human are heavily dependent upon the oceans for their food.  The Pew Foundation also reports that over 80% of large ocean mega-fauna has disappeared in the last twenty years.  If this trend continues, we will be facing an escalating amount of human starvation at a time when our oceans may not be able to recover.

Right now there is a pivotal bill in the California Senate that would ban shark fins from the entire state.  Currently sharks are being finned primarily for the value of their fins which are then used in a soup symbolizing celebration and success.  This bill will not only help by preventing interstate fin sales, but it will influence the entire market thought the Americas because California is the port of choice for the fin trade.  Forcing finners to use other ports will make this wasteful practice much less profitable and therefore less appealing.  Please join us in promoting this  legislation, by signing our petition, and or helping us spread the word about this August 15th vote.

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Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/shark-deaths-throwing-off-ocean-balance.html#ixzz1TWB65Zzw


SHOUT OUT to Nicole DeRosa, Georgienne Bradley, and Nicholas Strong for creating this RAD public service announcement.

Please check out our video, complete with some stellar pictures taken in and around Malibu and Zuma. : ) 

AB 376, is a bill that will be voted on in just a few more days on August 15th.

AB 376, would make it unlawful for any person to posses, sell, offer for sale, trade, or distribute a shark fin. The bill, by creating a new crime, would impose a state mandated local program here in California.

“Shark Finning” is the brutal, inhumane, and wasteful practice where by a fisherman will hack off the fin of the still living shark, toss the shark back into the ocean, only to suffocate and die a slow and painful death. 


This type of law has already been passed in other places such as Hawaii, Taiwan, Chile, Bahamas, Honduras, Costa Rica,  Guam, Washington, Oregon, and hopefully many other places. How is California not already on that list? 

We already have almost 9,000 signatures. Please continue to help our efforts and others in California who are trying to give sharks a voice. Sharks are essential to our ocean ecosystem and are being killed at an alarming rate. Without them the whole ocean ecosystem will collapse.

Click here to SIGN THE PETITION. It only takes 2 minutes! 

It’s YOUR Ocean.

DO Something About it!

xo Your Friends,

Sea Save Foundation