Fog Crow In The Wall - multimedia including water color work. I have prints available here:


LTD edition. Available until Mrach 2015 only.



Details - Moon Base - 4th to 5th transition station. 

Various stones - metal and paint. 

fourth dimension - a work in progress in Purbeck Marble


1. Physics, Mathematics. a dimension in addition to length, width, and depth, used so as to be able to employ geometrical language in discussing phenomena that depend on four variables: Time is considered a fourth dimension for locating points in space-time.

2. something beyond the kind of normal human experience that can be explained scientifically: The story deals with ESP and other excursions into the fourth dimension.

You can’t invent a design. You recognise it, in the fourth dimension. That is, with your blood…

D.H. Lawrence

The Shull of Jormungandr - Hand crafted sculpture.

Thor’s fishing trip

An with encounter with Jormnungandr comes when Thor goes fishing with the giantHymir. When Hymir refuses to provide Thor with bait, Thor strikes the head off Hymir’s largest ox to use as his bait. They row to a point where Hymir often sat and caught flat fish, where he drew up two whales, but Thor demands to go further out to sea, and does so despite Hymir’s warnings.

Thor then prepares a strong line and a large hook and baits it with the ox head, which Jörmungandr bites. Thor pulls the serpent from the water, and the two face one another, Jörmungandr dribblingpoisonand blood. Hymir goes pale with fear, and as Thor grabs his hammer to kill the serpent and let sink to the bottom of the ocean.



Moon Base (detail) - 4th to 4th dimensional transition (Purbeck marble and Portland stone) - A work in progress

Outsider intuitive sculpture @ www.ruffrootcreative.com