Stuff My Dad Said During Hamilton
  • Hamilton: Is this that musical that has made you obsessed with dead people?
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: If someone started rhyming my name I would leave. It's so annoying.
  • My Shot: Okay they asked who he was - this - this is not the answer to their question. Oh wait now he's spelling his name - YOU KNOW IN THIS TIME MANY PEOPLE WERE ILLITERATE!
  • The Story Of Tonight: Okay so here's drunk dudes being pals and so not flirting with each other.
  • The Schuyler Sisters: AND PEGGY IS MY NEW MOTTO!
  • Farmer Refuted: You said this was the High School Musical dude right? (Me: Yeah.) STICK TO THE STATUS QUO ALEXANDER!
  • You'll Be Back: Okay George whichever shut up and let America rebel. Rebellion is good - *turns to me* That being said ever start to rebel and you'll be grounded till you die.
  • Right Hand Man: Burr got BURR-NED! Get it? Cause Burr. Burrned. It's funny you're just being stupid.
  • A Winter's Ball: Didn't we already listen to - oh wait no this is different.
  • Helpless: Oh God I hope girls don't act like this. *I give him a confused/dirty look* I mean you should make a boy beg for you not fall at his knees. You should make him helpless.
  • Satisfied: This song is just....*exploding hand moves and noise*....Feelings.
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): Another drunk song. And the French dude. (Me: Lafayette) Okay well I'm gonna call him French Fry.
  • Wait For It: Did everyone cheat in this time?
  • Stay Alive: Fucking Charles Lee man. Who's Charles Lee?
  • Ten Duel Commandments: They keep saying "Most Disputes Die And No One Shoots" I feel like they're lying to me...
  • Meet Me Inside: Uh ph, Daddy Washington is mad.
  • That Would Be Enough: How do they know it's a boy? I don't think they had ways to tell in this time.
  • Guns And Ships: Rap off. This dude (Me: Daveed) Yeah him, versus like, Eminem, Jay-Z and...uh other rappers.
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: Okay this went from fun to deep...
  • Yorktown: You know we live an hour from this site...*Looks out window*...We should go and reinact this.
  • What Comes Next: Oh right. Georgey is still there. He can piss off.
  • Dear Theodosia: I feel one of them will die...just how everything is worded. AJ, do I get...feels in this?
  • Lauren's Interlude: Wait what the fuck...is he? Oh my God. Alex's boyfriend!
  • Non-Stop: This is too cheery for killing someone. I quit.
Dating Montgomery Includes:

  • Changing him as a person
  • “What did you just say to Hannah?”
  • “Something Courtney told me”
  • “Not cool Montgomery”
  • “I-I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry”
  • Monty making you wear his jacket to his baseball games to show you off to everyone, making you secretly happy
  • Going to his baseball games. Being the loudest one screaming and flicking someone off who told you to shut up.
  • Monty flicking someone off for you as well
  • “Sit down and shut up!”
  • “Don’t scream at my girlfriend up there!”
  • “Yeah don’t scream at me!”
  • Sleeping over his house after his games to give him a celebration
  • heated make-out sessions
  • Him always giving you hickies in the most obvious areas so boys know that your his
  • Him stealing you makeup so you can’t cover them up
  • “Damn y/n that one is huge!”
  • Monty getting jealous when he sees a boy talking to you
  • Jumping in front of the boy just to roughly kiss you
  • You giving him hell for getting suspended
  • “Babe come on, we haven’t had sex in a week!”
  • “Oh well, you shouldn’t have punched Alex”
  • Passionate first time
  • Him being nervous to take your virginity at first
  • “Are you sure about this baby?”
  • “Yes Cruz”
  • Rough and hard sex afterwards
  • Monty being into daddy kink
  • Him being into bondage
  • “Y/n why are your wrist red”
  • “Don’t ask.”
  • Monty being the first one to say ‘I love you’ and not realizing it
  • “Gosh y/n your lucky that I love you”
  • “W-what did you just say?”
  • “I love you, holy shit I love you”
  • Both of you being inseparable
  • Him ditching his friends just to be with you
  • “Bro are you coming over”
  • “Nah I’ll pass, I’m with y/n”
Baking Pancakes | Zach Dempsey

Pairing: Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey x Reader

Warning: TOO MUCH FLUFF! Almost full smut

Request: Just my imagination


I woke up to the smell of freshly cooked breakfast downstairs. I looked at the time and saw it was 6:30am in the morning. 1 hour before class.

I stood up from Zach’s bed and put my underwear on. I grabbed his grey shirt that smelled strongly of him. I went downstairs and saw him in nothing but his boxers hanging low on his waist.

I went to him and saw that he was mixing a pancake batter, I hugged him from behind and saw the red claw marks on his back, I mentally gave myself a pat on the back.

“Hey baby.” He kissed my forehead and went back to mixing the batter.

I had other things in mind, I dipped my finger in the better and smudged it on his nose. He looked at me with excitement and a dangerously playful grin on his sexy lips.

“y/n. You did not just-” I ran from him but whats the point 3 steps later he grabbed me from the back and spun around.

“Oh my god Zachary!” I laughed so hard because he was tickling me.

“Say your sorry!” He demanded while laughing and tickling me.

“N-n-never!” I managed to wheezed out in between my laugh.

“Then I’ll never stop!” He tickled me harder this time reaching for the sides of my waist.

“Fuck! Okay okay!” I said laughing harder. “i’m sorry!” I panted while still in fits of laughter.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” He smiled smugly and sat me at the counter top. Good thing his sister is with his mom on a trip or else it would have been embarrassing to wake them up with the noise.

“Fuck you, Dempsey” I playfully pouted.

His eyes turned 3 shades darker and lifted me up to get a better position on the counter top,

“Tell me y/n, baby, when?” He kissed my jawline, “where?” He kissed my collarbone, “how?” And kissed me roughly on the lips.

“Right here.” I moaned.

“Now.” I gasped him grabbing my breasts and squeezing them, kissing me. He tore the shirt I was wearing and my bra top.

He sucked on my left breast, “Here, Now. Hard!” I moaned loudly.

Well, let’s just say we were late on 1st and 2nd period.



What do you guys think?

———- I LOVE YOU ALL xx

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I still accept ships and headcanons.

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Tengo derecho a llorar cuantas veces quiera
por todo aquello que dejé o me ha dejado.
Por todo lo que jamás entenderé.
Por todo lo que se me quedó en el tintero.
Tengo derecho a echar de menos todo lo que jamás me ocurrió.
Y tengo derecho a remover mi pasado a las tres de la mañana, aunque todos sepamos de antemano
que siempre será un error.
—  Risto Mejide

Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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Et on remercie bien fort Benoit Hamon pour ce second tour Le Pen/Macron.

Ah non, ça non. Pas de hate sur mon blog.

Et surtout pas de hate pour Hamon qui a fait une belle campagne, malgré tout ce qu'il s'est pris. Il s'est fait lâcher de tous les côtés, parfois pour des raisons honorables, parfois pour des raisons franchement dégeulasses. Il était au mauvais endroit, au mauvais moment. Macron était au bon endroit, au bon moment. Donc c'est lui qui est passé. On ne va pas commencer à traiter Hamon comme le Taubira de 2017, à l'accuser pour la défaite de la gauche. Si la gauche a perdu, c'est possiblement parce qu'elle n'était plus en accord avec notre temps? Elle ne répondait pas à nos attentes? Tout comme la droite? La droite n'était pas divisée avec plusieurs candidats (juste hyper mal représentée et c'est dommage parce qu'il y a des personnes brillantes à droite mais si me lance là dedans je risque de me faire taper), ils ont quand même perdu.

Enfin, qui te dit que les 6-7% d'Hamonistes qui sont restés, jusqu'au bout, fidèles à leur candidat auraient voté Mélenchon si Hamon s'était désisté (parce qu'il me semble que c'est tout de même ce que tu insinues…)? Honnêtement, je pense qu'ils ont été courageux de ne pas choisir le vote utile, que ce soit Macron ou Mélenchon. Je crois aussi que la majeure partie d'entre eux est heureuse d'avoir pu voter Hamon, d'avoir eu un candidat qui les représentait et portait leurs idées en pleine crise de la représentation, avec une tentation d'abstention tellement et bien trop élevée. Mais demande-leur directement, je ne peux évidemment pas parler à leur place.

Les seules personnes qu'on peut blâmer pour un second tour MLP/Macron, ce sont toutes celles qui ont laissé les inégalités se creuser, la xénophobie et la violence prendre de l'ampleur - en France et dans le monde entier - et qui ont permis la prolifération des idées du FN. Ce sont ces personnes là qui nous volent aujourd'hui un choix véritablement démocratique pour le second tour. Pas Hamon. Et certainement pas ses électeurs.

Es imposible no empezar a detestar esos jovencitos bien peinados, saludables, y sonrientes que sale a pasear con sus novias cogidos de la mano o que salen a practicar algún deporte los domingos en la mañana.

-La melancolía de los feos.