For starters, yes… there really is such a thing as a ‘Pink Dolphin’, just in case any of you were wondering… alas… Pink+Dolphin out from LA is gettin’ me a little bit (now just make me some small sizes people).

I love the colors choices, of course the letterman jackets (since we should all know by know despite the huge rise of “Americana” esq gear, I have always had a deep rooted love for them) and of course the awesome dolphin.

It’s fun, it’s bringing back some frickin BRIGHT COLOR for my a$$!!! Hello??? Where did you go my dearest color? I know it was Fall, but does that always mean we have to literally “Fall” off the earth in color ways people? I think not. 

So, let’s celebrate a little with this on the rise Pink+Dolphin out of Los Angeles and see what they’re all about. Hopefully they keep the color ways, color palates bright and that will always make me happy.