Hello! New blog here.

We’re long time Kingdom Hearts fans but this is our first blog dedicated to the wonderful series. We’re looking for tons of blogs that are Kingdom Hearts based so if you post any of the following please like/reblog this post and we’ll check you out!

  • If you make gifs and graphics
  • If you make fanart
  • If you’re KH news blog
  • If you’re really nice and want to be our friend, that’ll be swell
  • If you post mostly Square Enix things (such as the Final Fantasy franchise and of course the obvious KH) 
  • If you do/post anything about Kingdom Hearts basically!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

É claro que fico abalado quando te vejo. Sou amarradão em você, nas suas curvas. O prazer de te tocar e a sensação que isso me proporciona é inexplicável. Sou louco para pousar meu polegar direito só pra ver você reconhecendo meu toque, lendo minhas digitais e liberando tudo pra mim. Todo seus poder. Suas facilidade e complexidades, eu amo! É como se tudo fosse feito sob medida pra mim, mas quando te criaram, foi para mexer com a mente de milhões de pessoas. Eu te amo, te admiro e te quero, ah, como te quero! Mas não podemos ficar juntos pelo menos não enquanto metade do seu valor for impostos que enriquecem sujos e sórdidos do nosso poder. Querido iPhone 6, que você pertença a quem te cuide.
—  Com carinho de um grande admirador, porém não mais um louco consumista, Fábio S.
Trying for rom com cuteness

I thought I’d share a little real life adventure with you all today.

So, last week, I went to Walmart and my cashier was REALLY cute. Like, younger David Tennant-like cuteness with an Alan Rickman-like nose. I could not stop smiling at him. I really wanted to give him my number, but I second guessed it because he’s working, right? I didn’t want to get him in trouble with management for chatting him up while he’s supposed to be working or have him face the awkwardness of turning me down but I’m still a customer and stuff.

So today, I went to Walmart (wearing my contacts and makeup, gasp). I bought a cute little card (that said something along the lines of ‘wishing you good thoughts’) and I wrote him a note. Essentially, it said ‘I think you’re attractive, drop me a line sometime if you feel like it and we’ll have a cute story for how we met. If you’re not interested, cool, I hope you take this as a compliment.’

But he wasn’t working today. I asked a sales associate about him and she said “Oh, the twin!” And I was all THERE’S TWO OF THEM?? *pterodactyl noises* You guys. There are TWO of this incredibly geeky-cute gawky DT guys. LIVING IN MY TOWN.

I reached out to the manager on duty, and she seemed sympathetic to my plea that she give him the card, but informed me that they aren’t allowed to take things from customers and she’s not allowed to divulge when people are working.

I’m going back on Thursday, since that was when I saw him working the first time. Cross your fingers for me that I see him again and I don’t wimp out!