Couldn’t`t resist sharing the recipe : French Madeleines !

150g of butter, caster sugar and self raising flour

3 large eggs

½ teaspoon of baking powder and 1 Lemon grated rind ( and its juice for extra lemon flavours )

First pre heat oven to 220celcius, grease the madeleine tray with butter and dust with four gently. Melt the butter slowly and cool down. Meanwhile whisk the eggs and the sugar until it become thick.

Then add in the mix half of the flour, baking powder and half of the butter…slowly fold in the bowl. Add the lemon and repeat the process with the remaining flour and butter.

et Voila !

Mixture in the moulds using a spoon and it should get you about 30 madeleines - Great for tea or simply dipped in chocolate ! ;-)

Enjoy !