Fever Era  Brendon Net!

hi! love fever brendon or just brendon in general? then apply for this net!

the rules/guidelines

~ mbf me

~mbf the net blog 

~ fill out this type form

~ follow the tag / fevererabrendonnet

~ ut reblog this post to be entered likes are okay to bookmark

applications close September 30th 2016! I will announce the net members probably around October 7th is bc school :) there will be 5-10 members depending on how many applicants i get and a kick chat, new friends/mutuals, plus reblog n such on artwork selfies and more! hope you apply bc this will be really fun! (more guidelines will be announced when there are the members)

wow look @ that header that took me 20 minutes to make 

Ok, so I gave people some extra time to enter bc I was hanging out with my friend yesterday. But now I finally have some time to announce the members of fyeahbands net! This is gonna be a v small net that grows over time so if you don’t get accepted applications open every 2-3 months.


@confessions–ofa–fangirl @katpherneliaa and myself of course


@bandcm @cerullisbf @cxrney @mychemicalloveinterest @myimagineland @popunkash

As of today, you guys can post in the fyeahbandsnet tag!