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Atobe,yukimura,shishido,Fuji S, Sanada, Kenya,and shidaishi misunderstood that their s/o (female) cheated on them and they make up

Hey love! <3 I tried to come up with something different for each character and I’m really, really sorry that it took me so long to write your request. I tried to make the scenarios a bit longer to make up for the long wait. Since I ended up going a bit overboard I’m going to split the scenarios. I should post the other characters soon, I just need to come up with new ideas.


Atobe slumped down in his chair, dark circles under his eyes and pinched the brick of his nose. It couldn’t be true right? You wouldn’t do something like that. He knows you. He knows everything about you. He probably knows you better than himself. You were his girlfriend for god’s sake!

Despite telling that himself over and over again the doubts kept nagging him.
One of his team members told him he saw you with another guy. Atobe didn’t believe him one word. But just a day later he saw you walking out of someone’s house when he drove through town in his limousine. It wouldn’t be so bad if he just saw you walk out of someone’s house, but on the doorsteps you hugged a guy. A guy that wasn’t him.

That paired with the words from his teammate made him think about the worst possible scenario. You wouldn’t cheat. No, everyone but not you.
In an hour you would come over to visit him. He promised you to watch your favorite movie with you, he just couldn’t deny you a wish. 

With a sigh Atobe stood up and straightened himself. He would ask you. No matter how much it would hurt him it was better to know the truth and there was still the hope that everything was just a misunderstanding…the hope he wouldn’t lose you. Not to another man. It was the first time Atobe actually feared that he wasn’t enough for you, not making you happy.

As soon as you stepped into Atobe’s mansion you knew that something was off. Atobe hadn’t his usual confident posture when he walked up to you. He bent down, one hand barley touching your waist when he pressed a chaste kiss on your cheek “Good evening (Name)-chan. Please follow me.” You quietly followed Atobe to his room, observing his every move. He usually didn’t act so politely and uptight around you and his behavior slowly started to worry you.

Sitting down next to Atobe on the couch you peered up at his face, “Is everything okay, Keigo-kun?” Atobe studied your face for a long time and you could see something in his eyes…something you weren’t really sure about. Pain? Fear? Panic? Sadness?
He took a deep breath before slowly speaking up “I’m not quite sure how to approach the subject so I’m just going to be straight forward. (Name)-chan, are you cheating on me with the guy you visited yesterday?” 

You looked at your boyfriend in surprise, “Cheating?”, Atobe could see the surprise and confusion obviously displayed on your face “Oh, you are talking about Kise-kun? He is my cousin and he wanted some help to decide on an outfit for a date…he even dragged me along to go shopping with him and believe me shopping with Kise is…” You wanted to complain about the excessive  shopping trip but suddenly found yourself tightly pressed against Atobe’s chest “Thank god. Thank god. I should have known it. I love you so much (Name)-chan.”

You snuggled closer into his muscular chest, just now realizing that Atobe actually thought you were cheating. Atobe’s arms around you tightened “Did you really think I would cheat on you?” Atobe pulled back from the hug, one arm still wrapped around your waist, his other hand gently cupped your cheek “I apologize for even thinking about it, love. I was afraid that maybe I did something wrong…that I’m not making you happy.” You softly smiled at your boyfriend, it was actually cute that someone like Atobe was scared of not being good enough. 

Atobe slowly leaned down and captured your lips in a gentle kiss, cradling your face in his hand. When he broke the kiss, he showed you his handsome smile, “I remember I promised my princes a movie date?” You giggled but squealed when he suddenly picked you up princess style. 

He effortlessly carried you to the living room and gently set you down on the couch. Your favorite movie was already prepared and you snuggled into one of the fluffy blankets. Atobe quickly started the movie and pulled you on his lap. For the rest of the night Atobe never let you go, holding you close and gently stroking your hair until you fell asleep leaning against his chest.


Yukimura sat on the bench, watching his team practice. Everyone noticed that something was off and no one dared to go near him. You were ditching him all the time… Whenever he asked you out on a date you “already had plans”. First he didn’t suspect anything, why should he? You were his girlfriend and he trusted you, but it was going on for weeks and slowly he started to get worried. Did he do something wrong? Were you just tired of him? Was there someone else?

Yukimura silently left the school after training. He just couldn’t stop thinking about you. He loves you, you were smart, adorable, funny and absolutely beautiful. He couldn’t imagine loving someone else. What should he do if he really was going to lose you?
Suddenly Yukimura stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, walking in a different direction. He was going to talk to you. Right now. 

Yukimura rang the doorbell still debating with himself what exactly he should say. He just wanted to see your face, to feel you, to see your smile.
You opened the door, looking stunning as usual. Yukimura didn’t care that you were wearing shorts and an oversized sweater it made you just look adorable. Yukimura stared at you taking all that in, god he missed spending time with you. Your soft voice ripped him out of his thoughts “Hey, Seii-chan. What are you doing here? Do you want to come in? My parents aren’t home at the moment.” 

With a nod Yukimura stepped into the house, and followed you in your room. You started to wonder why he still hadn’t said one word “Sorry for the mess. I wanted to clean up later today.”
Yukimura smiled at you, it wasn’t that bad, but then his eyes fell on something he never expected to find in your rooms. 

There were boxer shorts on the floor next to your bed…and definitely not his boxer shorts. Yukimura slowly turned back to you, his face expressionless “What is going on (Name).” You blinked up at him “Huh? What do you mean?” Yukimura raised his voice, startling you since it never happened before “Don’t act innocent! Just tell me why there are boxer shorts in your room! Boxer shorts that aren’t mine!”
You crossed your arms in front of your chest, glaring back at him “Are you saying I’m cheating on you?! Do you really think I would do something like that?!”

Yukimura stared back in silence, he was at a loss for words. Did he think you would cheat on him? No…but what if…what if…”No answer is an answer as well. Leave, you can talk to me again when you are able to give me a proper answer.” Yukimura stood frozen in your room when you opened your door “Wait (Name)…” Your glare was icy “No. Leave. Now!”

The next day Yukimura dragged himself to tennis practice. He couldn’t sleep all night long. Not knowing what to think. He was the first to arrive in the club room, sitting down and burying his face in his hands. A few minutes later Yanagi entered the room. Yukimura quickly sat up again, but Yanagi already had seen him “What’s wrong Yukimura?” Yukimura shook his head, but added with a sigh, “It’s about (Name)-chan…I’m just not sure what to do.” Yanagi quirked an eyebrow, it was unusual for Yukimura to actually not know what to do and even more unusual for him to voice his problems “Is it about (Name)-san not having much time lately because her brother is here for a visit? If it’s that I assure you that things will be back to normal once he leaves for overseas again…” 

Yukimura’s head snapped up “What do you mean her brother visiting?” Yanagi slowly started to explain “Didn’t you know? I met (Name)-san with an older guy in town a week ago and she introduced him as her brother who is here for a visit. She mentioned something about him studying overseas. They seem to be on good terms if you ask me. He teased her about having to sleep in her “girly” room, they really seemed to be in tune with each other.”
Dread started to fill Yukimura. How could he be so stupid? Your brother was sleeping in your room. You hadn’t much time because you spent time with your brother and he never got the idea to just ask what you were doing.

Quickly Yukimura stood up “I’m leaving. Tell Sanada to take care of training.” Half an hour later Yukimura was standing in front of your door. A young man opened the door “I’m Yukimura Seiichi, is (Name)-san here?” Your brother leaned against the door frame “Ahhh…the boyfriend. I don’t know what the hell you did, but you better make it up to (Name)….She’s not here. She went out an hour ago.”

Yukimura just nodded before turning on his heel, he could win your brother over later, you were more important right now.
Yukimura knew exactly where you would go to. He found you sitting in the park, staring at a flowerbed. It was already pretty late and he could see you shiver in your thin clothes. He slowly walked up to you from behind and draped his jacket around your shoulders, you looked up at him in surprise, “Seii-chan…what are you doing here?” Yukimura looked at you  before gently pulling you up by your arm “I’m here to apologize. I should have never assumed that you would do something like that. I am so sorry. I really love you so I hope you can give me a second chance. I promise to not disappoint you, flower.” 

You pouted a bit “I’m still a bit angry so you have to make up for it…I expect you to take me on a date next Sunday.” Yukimura smiled at you, his eyes shining with happiness “Everything for you.” You threw your arms around Yukimura’s neck, you missed him and the fight was hard for you as well. Yukimura immediately wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you from the ground, spinning you around while laughing the melodic laugh you adore so much. He slowed down and pressed his lips against yours like it was the first time he ever kissed you, happy to have you next to him.


Shishido glared at one of his tennis team kouhais in anger “Shup up. I don’t believe you and I’m not listening to your shit, got that?” The poor boy nodded and stuttered, “I-I’m sorry Shishido-senpai…I am just telling what I saw…” before running off.
Shishido stared after him for a few seconds before shaking his head and stomping to his water bottle.

Later at night he turned around in his bed, not able to fall asleep. Why would that guy say something like that. No, it couldn’t be the truth, right?  But why would that guy tell he saw you on a date with someone. He couldn’t even talk with you about it since you went to a different school and writing a message to ask was just too weird.

After a restless night Shishido walked through the school’s hall, a scowl evident on his face. Suddenly one of his classmates walked up to him “Hey Shishido, you look a bit down today. Is it because of your ex-girlfriend? I’m sorry man…I saw her yesterday in town with her new guy…honestly, I almost didn’t recognize her but….”
Shishido’s hands were balled into fists when he finally spoke up, “Could you just shut up, okay? And we didn’t break up…” His classmate patted Shishido on the shoulder “Sorry dude…”
Shishido wanted to punch a wall, what the hell was going on?! Everything seemed to be fine during your date a few days ago. Damn, he shouldn’t listen to what all this idiotswere saying. He should just talk to you.

Later that day he asked you to meet him after school. You skipped towards him smiling, but Shishido immediately grumbled “Tell me what’s going on (Name). It sucks to constantly have someone tell you that they see your girlfriend hanging around with a different guy.” Slowly your smile fell “It’s nothing, Ryou-kun.” Nothing? “I’m not saying that there is something. Just tell me who he is and why you are constantly meeting him.”
You looked at your feet before looking back at your boyfriend “I can’t tell you. It’s not important so don’t worry about it, okay?” Well, that wasn’t exactly the answer he was hoping for. Shishido cursed under his breath “Just tell me!” Shishido almost flinched when you yelled back “I can’t!” Just great. You wouldn’t cheat on him. He told that himself over and over again during the last days, but seeing you react like that didn’t really make it easier “Damn. Why can’t you tell me if it’s nothing?! I’m going home.” 

After another sleepless night and an endless day at school Shishido met with Chotarou for some extra training. Their training always was intense, but today Shishido managed to get a bunch of bruises during the first 5 minutes.
After another bruise Chotarou asked “Are you okay, Shishido-san?!” Shishido just grabbed his racket tighter “I’m fine, Chotarou. Stop asking lame questions.” Chotarou looked like a lost puppy before speaking up again “B-But Shishido-san, it’s  obvious that something is bothering you…”
A few mumbled curses escaped Shishido and Chotarou could barley make out your name “Oh…it’s about (Name)-san? I saw her in town a few days ago b-” Shishido cut Chotarou off “Not you too! Honestly, why does everyone see her somewhere in town with a guy! And why does everyone think they have to remind me of it!”
Chotarou went silent for a while “W-Well, I saw her with a guy, but s-she didn’t really look comfortable…” Shishido sighed “Can we just stop talking about it. I have no idea what’s going on…let’s just continue training, okay?”

On his way home after training Shishido repeated Chotarou’s words in his head over and over again. Maybe you really weren’t cheating on him, but why wouldn’t you tell him when he asked you about it. It all just made no sense.
Suddenly Shishido spotted you next to a guy. He gritted his teeth and felt his eyes getting wet. Shishido furiously rubbed over his eyes and wanted to walk right past you. Neither you or the guy noticed Shishido and he almost was past you when he heard you whisper yell “Can’t you just leave me alone?! You are bothering me.”
Shishido stopped, remembering Chotarou’s words ‘she didn’t really look comfortable’, at least it sounded not like you were cheating on him. Unconsciously Shishido started to listen to your conversation. He couldn’t hear what the guy was saying, but your answers were enough “How often do I have to say it? I’m not going on a date with you so stop following me around…it’s getting creepy.” The guy mumbled something but you cut him off “I said no! I’m never ever going to say yes. Just please stay away from me!” 

Shishido had enough and walked up to both of you, he confidently slung an arm around your waist and glared at the boy “She said no. Get lost.” Shishido’s voice was so icy the boy backed down immediately.
When the guy was gone Shishido turned towards you, arms crossed over his chest “Are you okay?” You nodded quickly and Shishido let out a sigh, relaxing a bit “Are you going to tell me now what’s going on?” You pouted a bit and started to explain. The guy was your classmate and tried to ask you out on a date. You declined, but he just wouldn’t let you alone and asked you again and again. He was following you around on your way home after school and just couldn’t get that you aren’t interested. 

By the time you finished your story Shishido still looked a bit grumpy “Why didn’t you just tell me? I could have picked you up from school.” Now it was your turn to sigh “I thought I could handle it myself…and I didn’t want to bother you. You already have a lot on your plate with tennis practice and all that…” Shishido suddenly pulled you in a tight hug “Never do that again, okay? You scared the shit out of me.” No matter how grumpy his words sounded the way he held you was incredible gentle. When he calmed down a bit Shishido mumbled in your ear “I love you, okay? So try to not make me worry so much.” He pulled back from the hug just to gently flick your forehead “Next time tell me, stupid. You are my girlfriend after all and I always have time for you, got that?” You pouted a bit and rubbed your forehead “Fine. But you don’t have to flick my forehead, Ryou-kun.”

Shishido tried to suppress a grin, god you were adorable. He could feel all the worry from the last days vanish when he looked at you pouting up at him. Shishido took your school bag out of your hands and slung it over his shoulders. With a small smile he grabbed your hand and tugged you along with him, “Come on (Name)-chan, I’m walking you home. I’m picking you up from school tomorrow as well, and don’t even try to talk me out of it. I won’t let him bother you any longer.”
Shishido gently squeezed your hand and when he felt you squeeze back he knew that everything was more than okay.


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