throwback…Japan 1994 …8 sellout shows …it occurred to me “hello kitty” has no mouth…also..the Japanese clap in unison and then in between you could hear a pin drop in a crowd of 5,000 , Towa is actually a talkative person in his own language,their police force logo was a mighty mouse type cartoon. warm memories keep me warm



“I’m just that type of girl” - I always thought MadameX ripped off Klymaxx but am pleased to find out that MadameX was founded by Bernadette Cooper who founded  Klymaxx after she left the band she created. the video is the HOTNESS and I can not wait to hear Bernadette’s new all girl band . She is my hero and guiding light! -  Lady Miss Kier 


a lot of us humans want what they can’t have naturally..and i wish i could pull these looks but i know i can’t nor would I wig it up with the nerve of Bo Derrick. White people have already taken enough - leave them something of their own. Grass is always greener , I hope that when President Obama wins this Nov.,Michele rocks a natural look like one of these!!!! -lady miss kier 

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I often wondered why the egyptian pharaohs enforced the policy that all hieroglyphics of people must be drawn facing sideways ….did they not understand how to draw with depth of perception ? Their architecture shows that surely they did, so then why …..but as i climbed the narrow steps of the pyramid …i had a Eureeeka  moment midway up…..surely I may have solved the mystery…..here it is……because the  pyramids are sooo steep….if one is climbing upwards….your ass is in the face of those below and it does not cut an  attractive silhouette..therefor…. the only way to  look elegant or powerful walking up a pyramid  is to turn to the side and ascend sideways…..as if you are vogueing your way up  …and this  is also why the steps are so narrow…..it’s not that their feet were smaller but…….to walk up a pyramid youve got to walk with your feet turned the same way as the figures in the hieroglyphics and do it like Willi Ninja…..and vogue.  solved!  ok next mystery….who broke all those noses off the egyptian figurines ? -Lady Miss Kier 


“upsy downsies”…….i used to  love this little world of the upsy downsies as a tiny tot……..being the fluorescent leaf on the famileee tree…i adored everything fluorescent but looking back i wonder was there more to the game……..was it because my own little world was being turned upside down ?  hello!……so glad to finally see with clarity where i came from and that I chose to live UPSIDE UP. - lady miss Kier



shooo bee doo  Bas Noir 


“impression of a nice guy ” by Blake Anderson . thanks reddit -lady miss kier

He put women with big boobies and lusty ladies on the silver screen and left our minds etched with Tura Satana smashing it in the hawt dessert ( above R.I.P.) , the real Miss Kitten standing up to get down , & when i think of him, i am go-go dancing on a Bosom mountain.If you’ve never seen Russ Myers movies than run ,pussycat ,run- Lady Kier


Alot of people ask me about those  John Fluevog platform shoes ,lately,I still wear them,  but what they don’t know is that before I started writing music and lyrics I was a shoe designer, textile printer, and costume designer. When Pat Field laughed me out of her store when I presented her with my collection named “Slick slacks for sluts ” in 1986 , she added…“the 70’s will never be in fashion again”. ha ha ha ha ! I can laugh now but at the time I was  DIVAstated … but I took the rejection to a new direction and  really took my songwriting hobby seriously from that point on,  in part to show off the clothes designs and also because it was a much deeper challenge . Here is a photo that managed to survive the great house fire of 1994 of the shoes I used to design  circa 1986.  Life is funny….and so are these shoes from the “slick slacks for sluts ” collection. - Lady Kier 

each shoe was glittered and sparklig and one of a kind! and now on with the shoe….

shoes and photo: lady Kier 


Noone can mess with Beyonce. I don’t care if she sampled “pon the floor”!  look at this video-  she is the best pop star today hands down!! she did again.