A day with Lady Miss Kier…   March 2012

The divine Lady Miss Kier in action

It’s always going to be Awkward when you finally get the opportunity to meet someone you have idolised since you were a teen. Think about it, you have loved them for their “persona” no matter how “real” they profess to be, you have fallen in love with an act, an act that for some reason has struck a chord with you.

My time had finally arrived to meet one of my idols. After tweeting Lady Miss Kier for quite some time and getting lovely responses, I learned that she would be in Australia for the Sydney Mardi Gras. When the offer came for me to help out with some video footage and still shots of her gig, I jumped at the chance. Needless to say, I started to rethink what I had committed to. I mean what happens if I totally stuff up the footage? What happens if god forbid, Miss Kier doesn’t like me? Not to sound conceited, I am pretty sure that all my worries fell on deaf ears.

Miss Kier invited me to come and meet her at her hotel in Darling harbour to which I happily jumped at the chance to do. On arrival, she was mid way through an interview and greeted me (computer in one hand) with a hug and a kiss. So far, so good. “Deep breathe Matthew, Miss Kier is sitting on the couch in front of you and yes, she can see you!"my inner voice was doing its best to calm me down. All the fuss was totally unwarranted as Miss Kier is one of the friendliest people I have come across in a while.

She wrapped up her interview and then came over to the table I was sitting at to "formally” meet me. I nervously gave her a bag of goodies I had put together for her and she excitedly opened the bag and everything that was in there. “I love this ring” she exclaimed! Phew. The rest of the goodies were opened with a delicate inquisitiveness that I wasn’t really expecting from this “house music legend”.

After numerous conversations on a range of different things from her days in Deee-Lite to Madonna, she brought me back to the music, her music. I was indulged in some tracks that were new and in the process of hopefully being released this year (awesome is an understatement to say the least) and I also got to see some photographic concepts Miss Kier is working on. If there ever was a time that the word “amazing” would be considered overused, it would be now. I am not sure if I was just plain old star struck, but everything Miss Kier (so kindly and trustingly) showed me just seemed to be nothing short of amazing.

The time had come so quickly for me to leave and I felt there was so much more to talk about and explore, especially the creative process, this ladies mind works in ways that I have only dreamed of and yet, somehow she is able to transcend them into her music and also provide her audience a visual feast for the eyes (think of any video from Deee-Lite or photo shoot you have seen of Lady Miss Kier and you will know what I mean). Lady Miss Kier was so obliging and generous in her time with me and I was even fortunate enough to take video footage of her at her Mardi Gras gig, which really was a surreal experience for me. Watching her work that crowd at one of the largest parties in the world (especially as it was so dark and she had very little props to work with) made me realise that I have so much more to learn about this business. I guess you could say that a “lucky lady” had granted me an opportunity to get an insiders glimpse on just how hard it is to be a performer, and yet she made it look so easy. A true professional.

I have woken up today with the realisation that meeting an “idol” really is no different from meeting a stranger, you never know what you really are going to get, but in my case, I got so much more than I could have ever imagined. I got to meet one of my idols and she was beautiful from the  inside all the way through to her stunning exterior. It almost felt like an old friend, someone I had not seen for years and had so much to catch up on. A “warm heart” is something that I would gladly use when describing this lady.

Thank you Lady Miss Kier for your kind words, generosity with your time and allowing me to be apart of your world, even if it was just for one day. You really are a true “Lady” in every sense of the word.

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1988 in my Williamsburg apt….the east village was too pricey even back then and I lost my apartment to a slumlord. Walking the barren streets  in that hood was never comfortable at night in those days and I did out run a few potential trouble men thru the dimly lit warehouse blocks . But always ready to jack my body…Girl I’ll house you…your'e in my hut now

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar….wise words

and some good but shocking news about deaths in custody: 

Congress is finally going to make law enforcement report how many people they kill.


What’s the way forward out of this mess? I’m not anti-cop but I feel the bad ones need to be held accountable for bad behavior . We need to hear from police and former police who care enough to police the police. let’s hear more from the cops like this who’ve been brave enough to criticize their own and find a better future for all of us

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AND: the 2 NYC cops who exposed bad policing get ostresized by their higher ups:


Mayor Deblasio reduced stop n frisk in his first year from 700,000 to 50,000 and crime did not escalate:


as for the black on black crime argument…it’s been exaggerated as “86 percent of white murder victims are killed by other whites”, yet you never see reports about the white-on-white crime epidemic"


throwback…Japan 1994 …8 sellout shows …it occurred to me “hello kitty” has no mouth…also..the Japanese clap in unison and then in between you could hear a pin drop in a crowd of 5,000 , Towa is actually a talkative person in his own language,their police force logo was a mighty mouse type cartoon. warm memories keep me warm



i had to post again- thanks  Christopher J Williams -  Lady kier


a lot of us humans want what they can’t have naturally..and i wish i could pull these looks but i know i can’t nor would I wig it up with the nerve of Bo Derrick. White people have already taken enough - leave them something of their own. Grass is always greener , I hope that when President Obama wins this Nov.,Michele rocks a natural look like one of these!!!! -lady miss kier 

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1992 “i had a dream i was fallin’ thru a hole in the ozone layer • electric cars & solar tv, organic food r things that we need  ”- lady miss kier

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I often wondered why the egyptian pharaohs enforced the policy that all hieroglyphics of people must be drawn facing sideways ….did they not understand how to draw with depth of perception ? Their architecture shows that surely they did, so then why …..but as i climbed the narrow steps of the pyramid …i had a Eureeeka  moment midway up…..surely I may have solved the mystery…..here it is……because the  pyramids are sooo steep….if one is climbing upwards….your ass is in the face of those below and it does not cut an  attractive silhouette..therefor…. the only way to  look elegant or powerful walking up a pyramid  is to turn to the side and ascend sideways…..as if you are vogueing your way up  …and this  is also why the steps are so narrow…..it’s not that their feet were smaller but…….to walk up a pyramid youve got to walk with your feet turned the same way as the figures in the hieroglyphics and do it like Willi Ninja…..and vogue.  solved!  ok next mystery….who broke all those noses off the egyptian figurines ? -Lady Miss Kier 

“i travel beyond the stars, travelling thru miles of midnite,sun is on fire, traveling on new fuel, beyond the satellites..thru miles of midnite”- Lady Miss Kier from the song “In Space there’s no End”  written by Kier Kirby, Miles Danso,Garry Shider,Branwen Munn.