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A fun personal video project that I just completed called Orbit. I directed the video, Sophy Holland was the art director, Sean Freeman did the Illustrations and Thomas Niles Edited it. Its always fun to work with people you really respect.. Its even more fun when those people are your friends! What do you think?

Last week I walked into a bar that I swore I had never been to. The bar looked familiar somehow and there were stickers everywhere… I thought to myself: “ There is no way I would ever have been here with out putting up some stickers of my own.” .. and check out what I found! An old KAREEMBLACK.COM sticker from 2006 ! This was the very first sticker campaign I had ever done and I hadn’t seen an actual one of these stickers in years! So it would seem, I had actually been there before after all and the sticker had worked in one of the ways that I had originally intended!  #markingterritory