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Can u watch the livestream of the bbmas (if u can anyway) if you're not in the United States?

I’ve seen this link floating around for all ARMYs: http://www.k-popstream.com/2017/05/live-2017-billboard-music-awards-with.html

There is also this link for the Twitter live for the ‘Magenta Carpet’: https://twitter.com/i/live/848949278580002819

While I’m at it I’ll also drop the links for U.S. ARMYs: http://abc.go.com/shows/billboard-music-awards (you probably need to sign in with your TV provider account that has access to ABC)

And of course if you are in the U.S., you can watch it on your TV on ABC~
- Kylie

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So... I'm british, your british, wHERE DO WE WATCH THE BBMAS AM I DUMB OR SOMETHING

okay so the red carpet will be streamed here 2 hours before the show starts:


i will probs keep streaming via twitter to make my life easier: 


but you can stream them elsewhere too!




Happy AFAD :-)

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