This is my friend jesse’s greenhouse. He has some super old cacti, among other incredible plants. I’ve been wanting to shoot here for a while, so when I had a shoot fall through at the last minute I decided to swing by and take a couple shots. 

During the winter we hang out in here from time to time since its so warm and cozy. Although now its so humid my glasses and the lens fog up pretty quick. I’d try and view this pic large since flickr sharpens the crap out of it and makes it look horrible. 

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Silver Falls | Oregon on Flickr.

My sister just had a baby so Veronica and I packed up and went to Portland for the holidays to be with her. She is the most beautiful little person I have ever seen. Babies are pretty incredible. The last day we all went for a hike at Silver falls. One of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. The air felt so clean and it was a perfect day. 

This shot was takin in a cave behind the falls.


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