Photo Of The Week !

I consider me and my followers as a community..And that is why I wanna interact more with you ! So from now on besides my everyday photos I’m going to post a special photo once a week ! You might wonder , why is this photo going to be so special ? Because one of YOU GUYS will get to choose what subject I’m going to shoot ! Yes , that’s right ! Throughout the week you can suggest to me your ideas about the subject of the photo you wanna see , I’ll choose one and on Sunday I will be posting the photo ! You can contact me with a message on Tumblr or via Facebook or Twitter ! Let’s start this thing !!! I hope you will enjoy it and you are as excited as I am !! PS I’m located in Greece so please don’t ask the Statue of Liberty or something similar..Also please don’t hate or get angry if I don’t choose your idea..I try to be fair to everyone..
Thank you