Are You Living In True Health?

We talk about having “true health” in our lives, or being “truly healthy”; although for many they focus on only the physical realm when talking about health.  However, is “true health” about so much more than that?  What does “true health” really encompass?

It seems to me, that “true health” is really far more encompassing than simply taking care of the physical body.  When we really delve into it, it is about honoring and caring for of our entire being.  When one can become true health, they are finding an aspect known as “Heaven on Earth”.  While we may or may not hold onto that strongly in our personal lives; we will often times be able to see at least glimpses of this “heaven” that comes from living in “true health”.  So the question then becomes what does this encompass?

Like with many things on our path, it means taking full and true responsibility for one’s own health.  If each person was to do this, I have no question that we would certainly strongly raise the vibration of this planet.  There are many concepts that come under this concept; each one could probably have a post of it’s own.

In bringing some of this large topic together, I would say it is about honoring balance in our lives and setting priorities which will ultimately connect us with Spirit or Divine Presence.  This can include developing a preference for meditation over watching t.v., making certain we are getting physical movement instead of just sitting mindlessly in “drone” like activities, preferring to fill the body with life giving foods instead of chemically polluted food, it is about developing a focused and clear mind instead of being scattered in distractions.  The list could really keep going, however, this gives you an idea.

Dr. Glen Hepker addresses living in several “truths” in order to create “true health” in our lives.  He has delved deeply into the philosophy of what creates “true health” for us.  These philosophies I see as being the “truths” of life.  I see this, as these same “truths” seem to run through all major belief systems.  It includes such things as realizing our oneness, doing the “right” thing for the sake of doing the “right” thing, use appreciation, and more.

“True health” seems to be quite all encompassing to every aspect of our being.  It seems to be a guideline for being aware of how much we are living in the truth of spirit.  When looking at these concepts in their fullest, it seems that even many that feel that they are quite aligned with Spirit will see that they have quite a ways to go.  Now when I think of “living your truth” I see that it really is how we are living in the aspects of these universal truths such as Dr. Glen Hepker as outlined in his work.  Too many times we think we are “connected” with Spirit/Divine presence; but as we remove the ego we are likely to find we are not living and being as much in our truth as we would like to believe.

Have you looked at where you are and are not living in “true health” lately or or even more so being “true health”?  Are you willing to truly take responsibility for your own health and well-being; and continue to grow and develop on that?  Are you willing to put in the effort to not only create your own “true health”; but to be an example and assist others in achieving it for themselves as well?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Integrated Development Specialist

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