They all thought I was crazy for starting a photography business...

HOLY OH MY GOD I can’t believe I made it as one of the top 5 nominations for the Billings Gazette Reader’s Choice Award! I started this business just 8 months ago when everyone said there was no way I could find work here, and now I’ve got a chance to publicly prove them wrong :). I know it’s a long shot to actually win it (the people I’m up against have been in business for quite awhile and are all AMAZING photographers!) but just in case you’re interested the official voting starts today and goes until August 18th! 

Just click on this link (Billings Gazette Readers’ Choice Award), enter your email for vote for me under “Photographer”! You can vote up to once a day, and won’t receive any emails or anything as long as you uncheck the little “send me updates” box :). Then be sure to vote for your favorites! Of course I have a few suggestions in mind if anyone’s interested :). 

Child Photo Studio: Jill Nauman Photography

Day Spa Service: Dana and Company

Breakfast: Stella’s Kitchen & Bakery

Ice Cream: Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream

Wings: Grandstand Sports Bar and Casino

Massage Therapist: Dana Anderson, Dana and Company

Place to have a wedding: Billings Depot

Have fun voting guys! And thanks for putting me in the top 5, I just can’t believe it! 

Billings Gazette Readers’ Choice Ballot

And I’d love it if you liked, or reblogged or replied or something, just so I know who voted so I can thank you directly! :D

www.jennamartinphoto.com (family/wedding/senior photography)

www.jennamartinphotography.com (surrealist/conceptual photography)


A little journal of how I built my underwater camera housing, read the rest here: 


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Besides myself floating in the pink shirt, there are 5 other people that don’t have another version of themselves somewhere in this photo. Can you spot all 5? Reblog if you can! :)


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Another from my “Dream” collection. Head to my blog here to see a little behind the scenes:


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And if you’re anywhere near Billings, MT on August 2nd, I’d love if you stopped by my gallery opening at Underground Culture Krew! I can’t wait!


Price will be $450 ($350 if registered by October 15) for the Seattle workshop, and $260 for the Missoula workshop. That covers two days of awesome instruction, as well as lunch for both days. The workshop will include: 

- The art of storytelling through a single photograph

- Tricks for finding inspiration

- The entire planning process of a shoot

- Lighting, gear and additional requirements

- Posing

- A live shoot and edit - I’ll walk you through the process of creating a conceptual photograph, from start to finish

- Your own live shoot - I’ll be there to guide you as you photograph your own ideas

- Much, much more!

Here is the link to register and pay: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=4rlyruOyFgmwa6rpqGNFCw

Can’t wait to see you guys there! 


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