• Enjolras:Grantaire, I love you but if I see you eating another potato chip covered in spray cheese and nutella I swear to god I'm kicking you out of this flat.
  • Grantaire:oh says you, Monsieur Rambutan! FRUIT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAVE TENTACLES, ENJOLRAS!

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(❁´◡`❁) C U T E 

The power of magic is sometimes hard to believe… And so, indeed, it should be.

The wreath is based on a post by the delightful snarkomancy.

The Lodge: Keira, Philippa

  • Profesora de lógica:¿en bachillerato no hacéis cosas con conjuntos?
  • 50 alumnos con ganas de morir:No
  • PL:¿y en el parvulario? ¿no hacíais conjuntos? ¿con plastilina y eso? Mis hijos hacían.
  • Mi fuero interno:jeiriguwjfkxnafkxbanejckqjfcj