#17 Staggered : Craft

“I’d say that’s the essence. There are two approaches. One is the contrived approach - when you are in the studio and you set up your backgrounds and your subject and you work with lights, or when you arrange things in nature and try to make that work. The other approach - which I think is more productive in the end - is straight photography. You come across a phenomenon in nature that you can visualize as an image. Then, if you have the craft, you proceed to make it.” - Ansel Adams


Eliot Sumner

Connolly’s Of Leap, Secret Gig #01. 17-07-16 with support from Stuart Wilde

Amazing gig in Connolly’s, a treat to catch my first glimpse of Eliot under the hammers. Thanks Sam & Eileen. 

On the first photograph: It’s not wrong if it’s right, and for me there’s something right about this shot. You may disagree, but so what.

Turns out Eliot and band were over writing and recording new songs. Grateful they chose the this spot.

Watch out for more from this set over on The Thin Air & Connolly’s website soonish. *I’ll add links when they’re up.

# 02: One Hundred Acorns

‘He’d planted a hundred thousand of them. Out of those, twenty thousand had come up. Of the twenty thousand he expected to lose half, because of rodents or the unpredictable ways of Providence. That still meant ten thousand oaks would grow where before there had been nothing.’ from 'The man who planted trees’ by Jean Giono


Part 1 of 3

A tribute night celebrating the music of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / PJ Harvey. Previous nights have covered Leonard Cohen & Tom Waits. They happen when they happen, and they happen at Levis’s Corner Bar.

This is what those nights look like when you don’t miss them, and other nights look a bit like this too, but never the same, yet always welcoming.

I’m looking forward to photographing David Kitt playing here on Sat 15 August 2015 for The Thin Air Magazine.

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Heads Up

A blog project I started last year, using composite images, has been receiving some warm attention latetly from fellow artists and designers including Scott Belsky, and is about to get some more thanks to blogger and writer Elizabeth Rose Murray, looking forward to seeing how she presents it to her audience and how they respond. Great to have a piece re-invigorated after a 6 month hiatus. 

Director / Filmmaker and Executive coach Helen Selka observed that these images in postcard or poster form also represent the ‘collectable souvenir’ genre. I like where this suggestion can go and what it adds to the project. 

Thanks Helen and Elizabeth.

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Interestingly here are some pre-Photoshop composites in the news today via the London Festival of Photography: Yahoo News

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‘Based on Real Events’ - Exhibition Trailer.


Exhibition 17-29 April 2015 The Blue House Gallery

First gallery exhibition in five years. 

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FILM: Part 1

Portrait of the artist Jason Lee (based on real events) featuring a score improvised and recorded on the first take one cold evening in December 2014. Filmed & Edited New Years Eve 2014 - 21 January 2015.

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