#17 Staggered : Craft

“I’d say that’s the essence. There are two approaches. One is the contrived approach - when you are in the studio and you set up your backgrounds and your subject and you work with lights, or when you arrange things in nature and try to make that work. The other approach - which I think is more productive in the end - is straight photography. You come across a phenomenon in nature that you can visualize as an image. Then, if you have the craft, you proceed to make it.” - Ansel Adams


A couple of weeks back we sailed on up to The High Tide Club at The Sarah Walker Gallery in Castletownbere. Thanks to Georgina & Tim for colouring us in and looking after us. 

Photographs courtesy of ______?______  who also filmed the as the tide rose… they’re not joking about the high tide.



On the Wild Atlantic Music (#WAM!) scene with performances from Jenn Grant, Christine Deady (w/ Deirde Archibold & Paula O’Brien) and Mide Houlihan at Levis’s and De Barra’s.

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See full gig coverage at The Thin Air magazine : Tour Edition Feature


‘Based on Real Events’ - Exhibition Trailer.


Exhibition 17-29 April 2015 The Blue House Gallery

First gallery exhibition in five years. 

Visit www.jasonxlee.com for previews.

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FILM: Part 1

Portrait of the artist Jason Lee (based on real events) featuring a score improvised and recorded on the first take one cold evening in December 2014. Filmed & Edited New Years Eve 2014 - 21 January 2015.

Jason Lee :: Piano & Lighter :: www.jasonxlee.com 

Simon Crockett :: Spanish Guitar :: www.Ikarumba.com 


Don’t miss a trick…

Hello Folks!

Some of you will have heard already… The Blue House Gallery has invited Diarmuid Breen & myself to exhibit NEW Paintings!

I’m updating my personal mailing list and would like to invite you all along.

If you’re not on it already, or you are not sure or you’ve changed your email you can sign up here. INVITE ME

It’s not long now!

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Hi Folks,

Exhibition Blues! Please accept my apologies.

On Saturday morning, out of the blue, I received, via email, the unexpected cancelation of my part in the shared exhibition with Diarmuid Breen from Blue House Gallery curator Brian Lalor.

Brian’s reasoning remains a mystery.

I accept his decision and move on.


For me this is disappointing news to pass on to you at such short notice.

It has been two and a bit intense months solely focused on creating new paintings from scratch. Something from nothing as the saying goes.

I will reschedule and relocate.


For now, those of you who have made travel arrangements to include a visit to Schull on Friday evening for the exhibition, again please accept my apology for this unforeseen change and thank you.

If, however, you are going to be in Schull on Friday 17th of April I’d like to invite you to visit and preview a selection of my new paintings in the informal setting of my front room.

A humble fireside occasion with artists, musicians and friends.

Please feel free to call by:
Pier Road, Schull Friday 17th April 18:00-21:00.


A massive thank to all who have generously given wishes, ideas and encouragement over the past few days, months and continue to do so!

Kindest Regards
Jason Lee
Twitter: @nearvinyldc