Mike the sound guy. ‘The technology changes but sound stays the same’. He heartily agreed with me when I said that to him. It made me feel really cool. Then I said how it’s similar with photography, a good photo is a good photo. 'Yeah man, it’s all about mastering your instrument to create the sound you want it to create.’

Mike the sound guy, a very warm and kind man.  He’s been working sound since the 60’s. I hope I see him again. 

Stranger Conversation.

Stranger Conversation: ‘I’ve worked in these 2 buildings for over 40 years. See this guy, he knows me. Hello, have a good night.’

The business dude he greeted, scowls and turns the other way. 

Classic business dude too cool for the doorman type move. 

This is Desmond Campbell, originally from Adara, Ireland. His greatest passion in life is running marathons for charity.