Venue Pages Added to Hear The Scene

Hello Philly Music Peeps.

We recently added individual venue pages to www.hearthescene.com.  Now if you tend to be loyal to a certain venue, you can look at what we have listed for their upcoming shows along with whatever twitter, web and facebook links to the venue’s own pages. Let me know what you think.  Next up will be band and DJ pages so you can keep up with your favorite local artist. We know the listings aren’t very full right now, but we wanted to get a basic, core functionality working before we focused on keeping the listings well stocked.

Hope to run into some of you out in the wild,


We've got a new website!

Hey Everyone, We just launched our website www.hearthescene.com for DJ Night and Live Music listings for Philadelphia! We will no longer be listing events on hearthescene.tumblr.com. It is possible we use this tumblr page for more traditional blogging related to the DJ scene in Philly. So please check out www.hearthescene.com! We are adding shows every day and have a chunk up there already. Please drop us a line if you have any comments, suggestions or you wish to have any events listed. Thanks, Patrick

What DJ nights do you goto in Philly???

We have found it somewhat difficult to stay on top of the ever-changing DJ night list for Philly at www.hearthescene.com. Where do you guys go? I know we are missing a lot, but what nights? what venues? what DJ’s??  I have yet to find a really good resource for DJ night listings ever since the City Paper stopped giving a fuck if the shows they list actually exist or not.  Check out what we’ve got listed by clicking the DJ Nights tab.

Gracias Amigos

You can email me at Patrick@HearTheScene.com if you so choose.