Britans back to work...and they're still screwed.

That standard bearer of Victorian Workhouse values Iain Duncan Smith (or Iain and Duncan Smith, the first ever twin leaders of the Tory party if you remember the Have I got News for You running joke), has always preached that families can and will only work there way out of poverty. And that those families must work, work and work more to keep their children out of poverty. So earlier this afternoon a story was released on the Guardian website showing the results of a comprehensive study showing 7 million working age adults and 2.2 million children are one push away from being financially screwed and having their, already low, prospects consigned to the dustbin.

Frankly though, Labour have to accept their fair share of responsibility for these troubling statistics too. I expect totally out of touch views from a party who still live in 1880 but Labour are supposed to be the modern change agents and they bought into this Neo-Liberalist nonsense too and I have yet to see a stated change in their ideology yet. That change is a wholesale review and a complete overhaul in our philosophy towards work.

This may sound like idealist rubbish, but this isn’t some Fukuyama style Liberal optimist spiel to sell some books, I am a realist in the way in which I view the world and human beings which is why I have generally thought most people are stupid and  boring. However, to just see work for the 99% as a means to an end for supporting the economy and the people at the top is a farce.

To get a truly strong economy, people need to be maximised. This may not necessarily mean everyone doing their ideal job, this simply means making it people’s worthwhile to actually get up and go to work. This is not happening. These are people who want to work and get nothing because of it, their wages just don’t match up to their rising bills and as a consequence they struggle. I thought we were supposed to have moved on from this after World War Two!

Is it any wonder we get a whole underclass of people living off benefits when we have a system like this? They see a system which will bend them over a table and financially rape them anyway via every means possible. “F*** this” they think “I’d rather stay at home and not work it costs me less.”

Seeing as most of us will spend most of our time at work, make it enjoyable and financially worth people’s while to be there. Especially for young people. Otherwise you will have an entire generation 100% distrustful of the work and financial system, and that will be a true disaster from which Britain will never recover.