Eccentric fashion designer Betsey Johnson is set to launch an affordable new dress line. Having previously filed for bankruptcy protection in April of this year she intends to move into the dress business, this being said Betsy will work in conjunction with Levy Group design director, Suzi Chin. Could this collaboration with Suzi Chin just be implemented so that the Levy Group can keep an eye on their financial investment?  They both aim to capitalize on the more “affordable” clothing range, it is reported that the new dress line will retail in the region of £60 - £160.

Donald Levy president of The Levy Group has been quoted in saying that “We are (pleased) to be working with Betsey on her new dress collection,“ and that "It was a natural progression to continue into another category.”

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Lulu Betsey Johnson set to launch her own fashion label

Like mother and daughter comes to terms when we put the Betsey clan together. Lulu Betsey the daughter of eccentric fashion designer is following in her mother’s footsteps Lulu is set to launch a fashion line with her best friend Allison McClellen called Lulu and Allison.

She states that it will definitely have the “Betsey aesthetic” but it will be toned down aesthetic so that they will have a modern feel to it. Lulu Betsey also commented that the collection will be a line for women who want to be hip, sexy and cool.

Her adoring mother Betsey Johnson uttered these sweet words to her daughter “My archives, my knowledge, everything - I hope at the end of the day, I give it all to you and hope that you’re happy.” It’s quite refreshing to see this sort of relationship in the public domain. We hope all the success in this line.

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When you talk about Karl Largerfeld you say he is eccentric, a headline catcher and genius. When you talk about Adele you say she’s angelic, soulful and radiant. However there are many terms that we would not associate with Adele or any woman as it matters and guess what our Karl has gotten his mouth in a tongue twist by calling Adele “a little too fat”.

As being British we feel we should feel a little irritated by the fact Karl can insult Adele in such manner but we are not. There are many reasons why Adele is so successful in this industry other than her divine voice but it’s the way she carries herself, her persona and not forgetting her weight.

We feel that Adele is a beckon that is fighting against the norms of celebrity cast; she is an underdog that is winning. We as a society have taken our first step towards changing the social status-quo of the celebrity world by making Adele a household name (and that is rightly so).

And we’re sure that Karl has understood the significance of such women in this day & age.

Our note: We feel that there is no other way to describe this situation but to quote the great lady herself “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines,” she said. “I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.”

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In our previous articles you may have read how we promoted the need to maintain heritage companies, ethical awareness in business practises and even to an extent promoting the arts in Africa, now we hope to increase a bit of knowledge and awareness of physically challenged models.

What had leaded us to writing this article is that we are intending to hire a female model as part of our advertising campaign and to be part of frontpose fashion retailer. Having gone through the norms and rituals of finding a model we all concluded and came to the notion that only a limited (to be more frank it’s an insignificant number) modelling agencies promoted or even had physically challenged models as part of their portfolio. 

We feel that this is a great shame and should be one of our prime goals to raise the awareness of this issue in the modelling world. When agencies tend not to have models with disability or even plus size models as part of their portfolio it creates an image that these people are not accepted in an industry that is worth billions, but to be more clear it creates an image that they are not considered page worthy or beautiful (when in truth they are).
This issue actually struck us quite closely to home, having had family members with disabilities and only finding hand full of models with disabilities it says quite a lot that even in this modern social world “disability” is still not accepted to the extent that it should.
We hope and pledge that one day (and hope that the day comes soon) to hire a model as part of our advertising campaign that is radiant, kind-hearted, stunning in nature and hope to see these features instead of just noticing their physical and mental disabilities.

p.s. we hope that this article is not considered patronizing (it is just we were a bit annoyed and had to vent in writing on this matter) 
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Fashion against Arms Trade

Keira Knightley,  Vivienne Westwood,  Helena Christensen , Jane Birkin and Sophie Dahl were among the many that have teamed up to help Oxfam and Amnesty International  to urge the United Nations to improve rules and regulations of the arms trade around the world.

We would like to state a horrid statistic there are two bullets to every human being in this global world this means that an estimated figure of 12 billion bullets is being produced per annum.

The long list of fashion figures have signed a letter that will be given to the UN Secretary General addressing the need for “a strong and effective treaty” that will be internationally bound and that would help protect human rights by preventing the flow of arms into reckless arms users.

The letter further states “With so few global rules governing the arms trade, no one really knows where all those bullets will end up - or whose lives they will tear apart. Under the current system, there are less global controls on the sales of ammunition and guns than on bananas and bottled water. It’s a ridiculous situation.“

Out note: We have always said that the fashion industry has always had a profound effect on a vast amount of people, fashion followers can be in the hundreds of millions and we must acknowledge that those who are participating in this movement have shown humanity, compassion and benevolence to those who may not even have the human right to do so.

The document will be put forward to the UN ahead of a world government meeting today, which will agree an Arms Trade Treaty.

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The above Chanel Suit took 3000’s hours to make

This is the reason why haute couture is out of reach for us normal folks reason we say this is because the above Chanel suit took a staggering 3000s hours to make. Based on UK national minimum wage that would equate to a figure of £18,240 and that is just to produce this piece (we’re guessing even the Mona Lisa didn’t take this long to produce).

We believe we can say clothing designers like Karl Lagerfeld are now considered the modern day Da Vinci.

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100 years of Inspirational London Fashion

Miley Cyrus is reportedly helping fiancé Liam Hemsworth launch his own fashion line.

The American singer was found scouting out trade shows in New York, while her husband to be was filming his next movie Paranoia. Miley Cyrus has been advising Liam on his future business plans. She has been quoted in saying “Liam’s looking to get his start in the business, and may be thinking of launching a label of his own”

Our note: Well if you’re a regular reader to our blog you’d realise that we’re not a fan of “aspiring actors with no fashion credentials who want to be fashion designers”. A name can only get you so far, we feel that actors should stay in their day time profession and commit to that. Successful fashion labels require a lot of time, technique and creativity can Liam Hemsworth accomplish we feel he cannot … but we still wish him the best if he does

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It was plastered in the fashion pages this week that H&M are becoming fashion conscious and is promoting sustainable clothing to the world.

We’re just going to say it you’ve taken advantage of these 3rd world countries (located in Asia) and have made revenues of up to £10 Billion per year and now H&M wants to create a company image that they are all eco-friendly and that they are promoting fair trade. In our mind this is just a PR stunt.

How about giving back some of those billions and invest it back to those countries that H&M have taken advantage of.

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Shoes… Checked… Make-Up… In progress…

The legendary shoe maker Christian Louboutin has set his sights on producing a cosmetic line with the help of Battalure Beauty. The shoe maker is not one that would shy away from using cosmetics; it is famously known that Christian Louboutin had used bright red nail enamel to paint the soles of his first designs, so it seems that this is a natural progression for him to enter this market. Christian himself had said “the beauty adventure is the natural extension for someone like me, who likes to empower women.“

What to expect? We are presuming that the cosmetics products will display a sense of sensuality, beauty and mirror the quality of the shoes. Without question of doubt one would expect the range to be draped with Louboutin’s signature colour the lavish red. Even though we are presuming what to expect, the range been kept very hush hush by the shoe maker and his New York based counterpart.

Our note: Christian Louboutin eccentric designs has propelled him to the status of thee shoe maker, none can even replicate his works of arts. We would only dream to be able to wear a pair even if we can’t am sure we’d be able to say we have a Christian Louboutin in the closet even if it’s a piece of make-up. Does this cosmetic range have instant success written all over on it? … We think so.

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Desperate Scousewives banned from Liverpool Fashion Week.

One of the few guilty pleasures that we have at frontpose.com is that we enjoy a bit of reality TV none is cheesier or meretricious than that of the Desperate Scousewives. Overtly used false tan, hair extensions and plastered with make-up is a look that many of these stars have adopted and the term the ‘Liverpool Look’ has been conjured up.

Many of these reality shows that depict life in Great Britain such as ‘Geordie Shore’, ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ have come into perdition because of the success ‘The Jersey Shore’ has had in the US, fashionably the British have followed suit.

Although we enjoy watching these reality programmes, the people behind these shows do not understand the overall effect that their shows has. The characters they portray stigmatise the overall population of that area. The success of these shows would leave an everlasting effect on young adults and children or anyone as a matter of fact, viewers would constantly be exposed to these reality TV character’s look and think that it is the norm for that geographical area, we doubt that anyone would approve a ten year old going for a tan and being plastered with make-up.

It seems that we are not the only one that is concerned with this issues, the casting organiser of Liverpool Fashion Week Amanda Moss has expressed that models that are emulating the ‘Liverpool look’ will be banned. This is a testament to the view point of many stagnant members of the fashion community in Liverpool. Shows like ‘Desperate Scousewives’ have infringed the Liverpudlian fashion culture.

Our note: We don’t mind that these programmes exists but what we do not want is to go into an area of the United Kingdom and see that everyone looks the same that would be too surreal.

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Russell Brand in Parliament

Comedian and actor Russell Brand was part of a committee at Parliament on 24th April 2012 which expressed his views to the British government to adopt a pragmatic approach to addressing the issues that has led to an increase in young people taking drugs in the United Kingdom and also to develop a better approach to those who have an addiction to legal and non-legal drugs.

Russell Brand, who was a former heroin addict (who had been quoted being arrested more than 12 times on drug related offenses), had addressed and has enhanced many of his personal issues in regards to being a former addict.
Russell said to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee that he had taken drugs as a means to feel a void in his life, he was quoted “I was sad, lonely, unhappy, detached and drugs and alcohol for me seemed like a solution to that problem.”

He stated that addiction should be treated as an illness rather than a criminal or judicial matter. He also expressed that more awareness and research had to be implemented into abstinence-based recovery, which he underwent to treat his addiction at charity group Focus12, of which he is a patron to.

The high profiled former addict was part of a method by the House of Commons to raise awareness in drug related rehabilitation issues.  We believe that this is a move by the committee to address the issues of government funds rehabilitation. Brand had smartly said that “It is cheaper to rehabilitate an addict than to send them to prison, so criminalization doesn’t even make economic sense.“

Our note: We feel that Russell Brand is no different to any public individual that is allowed to give their views on the drug culture in the United Kingdom and the Governments approach to dealing with the matter. Brands vocal and proactive approach to help others get out of the trap that he himself faced is more than admirable. Drugs and their effects affect not only an individual but also those around them. We feel that Brand has addressed many issues that many politician’s may not have been aware or that these politicians are so fashionably detached from the real working world that they have never come into contact with these problems.

When we had seen that Mr.Brand was in the Houses Of Commons it was a great eye opener as you’d never hear such words utter from a high profiled figure in the entertainment world. We highly recommend that you view the video:


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She was the epitome of beauty and during her reign was probably “thee most pictured woman on earth”. Her tragic death literally propelled her name, look and mannerism into heights that we doubt any woman can comprehend or even replicate in this modern age (Kim Kardashian take note of this woman).
Unpublished photographs of Marilyn Monroe have surfaced and they are still making her name visible in the public eyes even after some 50 years after her death.

The images were shot in her apartment in 1952 by renowned photographer Philippe Halsmam. The new Marilyn shots were taken in the privacy of her Hollywood home, 26 being her age at the time.

The legendary photographer’s repertoire of celebrity photography goes beyond just Marilyn; he has taken photographs of the Ford family, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Maria Felix and Richard Nixon.

The photos will appear in a new book that marks 50 years since the death of Marilyn, the publication will consist of images from the famous Magnum photographic cooperative.

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Reowned fashion website Net-A-Porter have announced this morning that Lucy Yeoman the former Harper’s Bazaar editor is the new editor-in-chief. Having been the editor of Harper’s Bazaar for 12 years it would be nice change for her. 

The newly-created role was made so that she can revolutionise the sites image its aim is to ‘voice, reach an editorial structure both on-line and off-line’.

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Eau De Karl Lagerfeld

Can this man not do anything that’s remotely linked to the fashion industry? Karl Lagerfeld has signed a twenty year-long agreement with perfume company Inter Parfums SA.

Previously Lagerfeld was in a binding contract with beauty house Coty relating with all cosmetics products under the Lagerfeld branding. However Karl Lagerfeld has ended his contract and has stated that “nothing’s more exciting than a new venture and I am sure that Inter Parfums will go in the best direction and that they have the possibility and the will to do so.”

Inter Parfums SA is a relatively new company founded in 1982, although respectfully new it is far from the small it holds perfume licences for a lot of the heavy hitters such as Paul Smith, Jimmy Choo, Balmain and Burberry.

We hope that this new venture is a great success and we’re a little certain that this relationship will be far from dull ;)

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Who’d ever thought the notion of ‘Sustainable Fashion’ would come so far?

The notion of sustainable fashion a decade ago was considered a joke, many dismissed the concept as just a phase and some thought it was just a ploy for companies to seem more ethical in there practises but as of recent consumer’s ideology of retail has been altered, the concept of sustainable fashion has transformed from being the butt of the fashion industry’s joke to a fruit that is near its bloom.

The Nordic Fashion Association held its second gathering of fashion professionals and leaders from 27 countries in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Copenhagen 2012 summit is considered the world’s largest conference on sustainability in the fashion industry.
The aim of the conference was to identify methods and solutions that the global fashion industry as a whole can implement in ensuring the protection of the Earth. If there were to be a statement that was made clear from this gathering was that the fashion industry is seen as one of the most polluting and socially challenged industries.

One of the key concepts that many of the speakers of the summit empathised on was trying to focus ways to involve and engage consumers in ‘Sustainable Consumption’.
So what does this term ‘Sustainable Consumption’ mean we believe it’s a system that encourages societies to be made more aware of how and where the products they purchase come from, this undoubtedly mean that consumers will be aware of the resources being used whether the materials are made from renewable resources, the amount of pollution created as a result of these products and so forth.

A great leap had taken place on the day of the summit, those attending the fashion industry would have been aware that as a result of their actions the fashion industry created a framework for engaging consumers in sustainable consumption of fashion. These outlines had been handed over to the Danish EU Presidency and the European Commission. The dossier will be presented at the Rio+20 UN conference where world leaders, along with thousands of participants from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other groups will gather to discuss several issues on sustainable development.
Our note: Being part of the fashion world we are greatly concerned with the issue of maintaining a sustainable form of fashion however we must raise the issue that within our own company we have no concept of where the big hitters from the fashion industry create their garments and how (and this is because they keep this information very very very hush hush). At least with the commission of the Copenhagen 2012 summit report and it being presented at Rio+20 to European Government delegates at least this will increase the profile of this issue and maybe it may even cause these heavy hitters to address these issues as well. Well we hope that they do….

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It seems that Mischa Barton has ventured out from her abysmal acting career as of late and has ventured into the fashion world. Her debuting clothing, cosmetics, accessories and bath products all come under the name “Mischa’s place”.

However this isn’t her first nor second attempt that she has had to put her foot into the fashion industry having already put her name on her line of headbands and handbags (all which have failed to make any impact in the fashion world) should she not just give up… this rant is not aimed at Mischa Barton exclusively it is a rant that is aimed at budding actors, actresses, singers and etc, who feel that they can make an impact on the world of fashion by just slapping on their name on products and hoping it sells.

We need more designers such as the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs who have had or are having a great impact on the world of fashion and they should rightly so … as they have worked from the ground up (unlike some).

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Christian Dior Paris 2012

Yesterday marked the official arrival of Raf Simons under the Christian Dior banner with an offering of highly coveted couture gowns and attires that had made the entire fashion world drool during Paris Haute Couture Week 2012.

Regarded as one of the most highly anticipated designer debuts in fashion history, Raf Simon’s use of a mixture of modern and pre 1950’s décor was prominent in this collection. The line was very clean and had a touch of femininity about it. Simon’s debut line is a true homage to Dior’s ideology.  

However it must be said that the Belgian designer had injected his own twist to the collection as we had previously stated his designs may not always scream out femininity an ideal example would be of that of his first look a tuxedo featuring a bar jacket, it seems that he has used his past endeavours at Jil Sanders as part of his muse for this collection. Barring a few looks there had been a spread of amazing party frocks, couture gowns and dresses that captured Dior’s essence and judging by this collection it may be hinting to Dior fans of the route the creative director plans to take (a more youthful direction).

Our note: The Paris collection was far from being beautiful, a clichéd note to say but it was beyond anything of which the fashion world has seen, with such an array of pieces each beautifully crafted to create an image of a youthful era, we feel that Raf Simons demonstrated the ability to not only capture the Dior’s iconic image but he encapsulated the future of the fashion world.   

It would a little sadistic to call Raf Simons a virtuous replacement for John Galliano because the fact is what Galliano had produced for Christian Dior was unprecedented, Galliano paved the wave for the modern and chic image that Dior are renowned for in this modern age, however it must be said that Raf Simons is paving the wave for a newer and a refreshed take on the modern and chic image that Galliano had instilled as creative director, we feel that Raf Simons has the potential to take and catapult Dior to an even greater height and the is indication is evident in his debut collection.

Congratulations to Christian Dior and to that of the amazing Raf Simons.

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Resident cover girl and movie star Rosie Huntington Whiteley is launching her own lingerie line in association with Autograph, Marks and Spencers.

This development is a natural progression for Ms.Whiteley, having been part of M&S’s advertising campaign and being a Victoria Secret Angel it is a common thought process to produce a lingerie line.

The model had said that she was truly excited to be working with M&S’s design team, the range will be available at the United Kingdom stores during September 2012, it is said that it will consist of a range of silky lingerie sets, camisoles, French knickers and kimono-style robes with a 1920’s inspired prints. The prints will come in the form of pretty roses in soft tones of pink.

The retailer store also praised the model, Kate Bostock (Executive Director of clothing for M&S) stated ‘We are so pleased to have Rosie on board to design her first collection for us’ and she also stated that the model understood how to create beautiful lingerie designs and how certain designs work and does not work on the female body.

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Bargain hunters be aware H&M may announce its next high-end fashion collaboration and we have a feeling that this one may stir the biggest commotion.

The rumour mill has been turning its clogs in overdrive as of recent and the news from above is that legendary designer Thomas Carlyle also known as Tom Ford may be (and that is a ‘maybe’) producing an exclusive range for the thrifty store, H&M.

Earlier hints of this collaboration came from the den mother of H&M Margareta Van Den Bosch she quirkily hinted ‘I can say, I wouldn’t mind’ when asked whether H&M would do a collaboration with Tom Ford.

However it may seem that this notion may already have a spanner in the works as the man himself had stated ‘I’ve never had a conversation with H&M. I’m really happy doing what I do… What excites me now is the very best:  the best stitching, the best fabric, the best quality. And unfortunately, or fortunately, that does tend to cost money.’  It seems that Tom Ford is not to going to compromise on quality on anything that has his name behind it even if it is a limited range for H&M.

Our note: There are some designers that you hope that they would never hit the high street and we feel that Tom Ford is one of them. Tom Ford is one of those designers who had truly went through the hardship of this industry, he has had numerous ups and downs especially during the period he was with Yves Saint Lauren, for that reason we believe Tom Ford should not come off his high pedestal the fact is that he has earned this great recognition as one of the great American designers. If Tom Ford was to do a collection with H&M we feel he would compromise everything especially his struggle.

We also feel that this continual use of famous designers to promote H&M is damaging the company’s image because as of recent all we’ve heard about H&M is not their money saving deals but more of the fashion elite doing collaborations.

In addition as the H&M group intend to enter the luxury fashion sector with their new venture “& Other Stories” we as consumers will be thinking can  H&M’s designers be able to create luxury fashion because all we’re seeing is other designers coming in. Unless this is a ploy by H&M to collaborate with elite fashion designers and then steal all of their fashion knowledge… if this is what H&M are planning well I guess they need a little slap on the wrist.

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