I see a man washing windows outside of Starbucks. It’s hot outside. As I order my coffee I buy a bottle of water and bring it to him. 

Me: Hey it looks like you could use some water. 

Window washer: WOW! How did you know? 

ME: Hee. Wild guess. Have a good day. 

I go back into Starbucks, prepare my coffee and make a quick pit stop to the restroom. I feel great! (I really had to pee!) I leave Starbucks and walk toward my car. 


I turn around to see the window washer calling out to me.

Window washer:There aren’t a lot of angels in this world but you’re one of them. Thank you. 

Me: *embarrassed/blush face* 

Window washer: I think you’re one in a million. 

Me: Well I think that people matter. That is all. 

Window washer: when did you realize this? 

Me: umm, kinda recently actually. 

He seemed very interested in my new found enlightenment. We moved in closer to each other, positioned ourselves in a more relaxed stance and from there our small talk started to develop…. 

He told me about his bachelor degree and how he was a software engineer, but unfortunately management and him did not see eye to eye; He butted heads with them daily.  He wasn’t happy. One day he was visiting his friend’s art gallery when he saw a man outside happily washing the windows of his friends building. The mans enthusiasm for washing windows intrigued him enough to walk outside, introduced himself and asked the man all about his career in the window washing business. He liked what he had learned and soon after he quit his job as a software engineer, started up his own window washing business, where he now gets to work for himself (“slack off occasionally”) and meet/talk with interesting people all day.”Life is good. I’m happy now.” 

And this is the story of Cornelius, the window washer I met outside of Starbucks. Sept 15th 2011 2:13pm