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LOSERS TAKE ALL Official Trailer - Kyle Gallner, Peter Brensinger, Aaron Himelstein, Tania Raymonde via FilmCourage.com.

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When they come together to make music together in an effort to create meaning in their world But Not For Me becomes more more than just a love story–It aims to tell a story about love itself and its significance at a time when the dreams and ambitions of the millenial generation are being ostensibly leveraged and mortgaged.

It’s not all doom, gloom, and dour punditry, however.  It’s a hip hop musical.  At the film’s heart is an optimistic core and the desire to inspire. The music is the life blood of the film and the message is the skeleton. Both speak not just to millenials, but also more broadly to a society alienated by the voiceless roles they’ve been relegated to by the corporate and power elite.

Also at the film’s heart is a dynamic team with the desire to inspire…