Anyways i hate a new boy named carsen or smth like that and like personality-wise I thought he was pretty cool at first but he’s been like idk what with this girl in my theater class all year and she’s cried a lot over him but it’s w/ev. (Also he kissed theater girl last year when he was already in a relationship!!) but like he was in a dance group w me and told this other girl he didn’t have feelings for the theater girl at all and then he’s had these 2 other girls he’s been vvvv flirty with lately and then like he was definitely becoming a thing w one of the two girls and also He Said he didn’t like Dances and so that was kind of everyone’s reasoning of why he wasn’t asking Flirty Girl, but he like cuddled with Theater Girl recently and told her he was going to ask her to prom and theater girl was so happy today and talked to me abt him because I ran into them in the hallway on the way to class and she’s like “isn’t he the cutest!?” But honestly whenever I see him I just feel sick inside he makes me angry. It’s not even any of my business, but it just makes me ache how some people are like this–they just play with others’ feelings like this. I just can’t help but feel sick looking at his face im sorry