James Hines Assignments

Today, Baz & Chaz will start posting my series of daily interventions, on their website -  http://www.bazandchaz.com - visit the site daily or follow them on Tumblr - http://bazandchaz.tumblr.com/

Some are silly, some are less silly, some will be fun, and some will be less fun. All should be able to be done anywhere and with minimal effort. No documentation will be made.

Here is #1


Thanks to everyone who came down and drank weird drink and ate hot chicken wings at the opening of B.C.#2.1 the other night at Beach London!

The show is open till 11th March, more info here and here.

You can read about the show at Leisure and at It’s Nice That, thanks to those guys for featuring us!

All the work from the show is now available through our webstore, and the catalogues will be available after the show. All orders will be processed and shipped after 11th March.