was inspired by a playlist sensitiveblackperson did a while ago. this is dedicated to my fave pisces walnutgirl2

The Tontons - Veida / Parasol - The bait / Washed Out - Soft / David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bamboo houses / Primary & Oh Hyuk - Island / Com Truise - Space dust / S U R F I N G - Lifetime / Mark Ronson & Boy George - Somebody to love me / Moon Boots - Magic / Brandy ft. Mase - Sitiing on top of the world / Janet Jackson - Together again / My Morning Jacket - Touch me I’m gonna scream part 2

Cerco di ordinare, cercare e trovare le giuste parole da tirar fuori e invece mi rifugio nella mia casa, che poco si è capito essere il mio mare. Pocopoco.
Mi arrampico lungo questa enorme scala di bianchi sassi morbidi e lisci, rischio di volare in questo mio mare, non devo perdere di vista le onde laggiù, continuo a salire, stanca esausta e sfinita tanto da sentir piegare le gambe, mi capita di sbattere un piede, mi piego davvero, mi rialzo e guardo ancora il mare, infinito immenso e meraviglioso, arrivo in cima e continuo il mio mistico silenzio, mi siedo su un grande sasso, di fronte a me ho ancora mare con il solo rumore delle onde che riecheggia nella mia testa e nell’aria, mi dimentico del mondo e penso che questo, solo questo e lei sono il vero paradiso, gli occhi si fanno più lucidi e sto qua.

A casa.

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I just read all your Dydia fic extravaganza in a row and love them so much. I really want to read more so if you still take requests - 15. Dydia, 45. Dydia or 80. Dydia. Your choice ... or you write all 3 but i'm not pushing :)

hale-feelings said:  129 and dydia ❤️ gosh that would be soooooo cute!!!! All the feeeeels

hellodomooo said:  OMG I didn’t see that the 31st is the last day you’ll be taking prompts! prepare to be bombarded MUWAHAAHA. starting with… 129 ❤❤

Okay so I decided to combine these two together! (Julia:  I’ve already done #45 (here) and I will be doing #80 soon, I had another person prompt that one as well!)

15.    “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”

129. you were drunk and proposed to me but i’m not sure how to bring it up now you’re sober bc i totally would have said yes au

Agreeing to dog sit for Scott and Kira while they went on their honeymoon was the easiest decision Lydia had ever made. The couple’s corgi and black lab are both extremely well trained, and they’re always good for cuddling on the couch. Plus, Lydia relishes any opportunity to have some time away from the apartment she’s currently sharing with Stiles and Danny. As much as she loves them both, it’s a little chaotic. And by it, she means Stiles. Regardless, hanging out for a couple of weeks in Scott and Kira’s cute little house sounded like an awesome opportunity.

What she didn’t count on was having to share.

Because apparently while Kira had asked Lydia, Scott had also asked someone.

And neglected (purposefully, Lydia thinks) to tell her about it.

Until she’d pulled up in front of the McCall house the morning after the wedding to find Derek Hale’s new truck parked in the driveway.

Which is why she’s currently glaring at him over the kitchen counter, nursing a cup of coffee and trying to ignore the pounding of her head and churning of her stomach. (What? She’s twenty five now, her stamina when it comes to drinking isn’t what it used to be. Also, as a bridesmaid, she took her duty to be the life of the party very seriously. Probably too seriously, if she’s being honest). Derek ignores her, dexterous fingers methodically pulling apart the blueberry muffin sitting neatly on a little plate in front of him, the newspaper held up in front of his face.

“You know there’s this newfangled gadget called a smartphone that you can instantly get your news on,” she drawls sarcastically, feeling smug when he flicks the paper irritably. Bella, the corgi, paws gently at her leg, and Lydia immediately pets her. “I can do this by myself you know.” She adds, rolling her eyes when Derek sighs dramatically.

“Scott asked me to stay here. I’m not leaving. But you are more than welcome to see yourself out.” Derek says, nose in the air and all haughty. Lydia hates it. She hates his stupid nose and his dumb beard and his ridiculous eyes.

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