It’s going to be quite a while before I can share the DSLR photographs I took in Iceland with you, so for the meanwhile, here are some of my favourite Instagram shots taken during 5 days in this most magical of places. I cannot wait to return, and explore this treasure of a place even further… If you’d like to see more you can visit me @hellopoe on Instagram!

All images © 2014 Adrienne Pitts - www.adrienne.co.nz


Some of the Holi portraits I shot at  Phoot have always suited being in black and white better…

I’m not sure if I’ve posted them together before - so, here they are. Huge thanks to my  fellow Phoot campers for their amazing assistance and modelling skills - you guys are the best <3

(See the rest of them at www.adrienne.co.nz)


This Christmas I set myself the challenge of shooting only film. My photography degree was all film, in the days before digital (you do the maths!) and I’m embarrassed to admit it’s been many many years since I picked up a film camera…

This is the first set of images from a Christmas full of lots of country walks and warm jackets and new photo friends…

Thanks UK Film Lab for doing such a fantastic job on the processing!