• (Pfanee walks in the restaurant where Elphaba works)
  • Pfanee: I would like a slice of pizza. No cheese, no sauce, gluten free crust. Do you have protein boosts?
  • Elphaba: Are you sure you don't want a glass of diet air with that?
  • Pfanee: Is that supposed to be some kind of a joke?
  • Elphaba (with a mocking smile): Yeah, you got me! We only have full calorie air.
Fujio Rock AU headcanons

made these…stuffs wwww

  • Oso is the leader of the group
  • Ichi and Kara are the ones in charge with music writing
  • Choro and Totty are the ones in charge of harmonizing and perfecting practices due to their perfectionist nature
  • Jyushi easily picks up music and creates beats for it
  • Oso and Kara are the ones who love to sneak out of practice just for the lols
  • Choro is the one who’s always paranoid about them being found out in public. He insists everyone to wear disguises when they go out.
  • Jyushi and Ichi always goes to confectionary shops just to consume a lot of sweets when they are in break. Choro insists that they make deliveries, but Ichi pushes that sweets are best consumed when they are served.
  • Most to least active in social media: Totty; Oso; Kara; Ichi; Choro; Jyushi
  • All other members are amazed on Jyushi’s stamina during practice. Being a drummer is energy-consuming, yet, he is always the one who’s still energetic at the end. It’s all thanks to his continuous training.
  • Most to least popular member: Oso; Kara; Totty; Ichi; Jyushi; Choro
  • Kara loves to perform raging solos during instrumental breaks at live concerts. Fans love it so much.
  • Kara also strips in the middle of the show. Until the end, he is topless playing guitar. FANGIRLS LOVE IT SO MUCH.
  • Jyushi breaks an average of 4 pairs of drumsticks in an average 2-hour show.
  • Totty is meticulous when it comes to graphics of the live. Like…how the lighting comes, how the visuals appear in time with the music.
  • On how they began the band:

They are not related with each other. Oso and Kara were childhood friends and they loved to jam with music. One day, Oso just impulsively decides to form a band. Kara just went with it.

They found Choro when they once watched a recital (which Oso didn’t really like coz classics are not his cup of tea but Kara insisted on watching). Long story short, Oso was amazed on how Choro played and insisted that classical is too boring for Choro’s skills. How about a shift to rock music?

Kara knew Ichi and Juice since they were workers at a local music store. Kara didn’t know that the two can play bass and drums respectively; that was, until one day when he passed by the shop (it was still closed lol), he overheard Juice fiddling around with drumsticks and Ichi growling into a rock song. That was the moment he pushed Ichi and Juice join the band.

Totty is an underground keyboardist and he just sort of played for different unpopular bands. He was honestly bored to it and wanted to be a permanent member in a band. One of his colleagues then recommended a newly formed band who was playing on a local park just for like…exposure. He watched them play and was highkey irked on the way they just sort of went around the places and like…no coordination at all. One day, he went into the studio where the band were practicing and requested for them to play a popular song as Totty held keyboard. Everyone was amazed on how everything sounded better, and pulled Totty into their band.