[exit tunes presents actors: duets 1/?] blackjack – ichijoudani rei and kiyosu takato (cv. midorikawa hikaru and toriumi kosuke)

“we’ve been seeing each other a long time now. i know his hacks.”

“Find a man with a red blazer called the Crimson Gentleman. He will help you find your friend, Ib.“

Ib tries to find her friend, Garry, and only the Crimson Gentleman knows where he is…

Just a sketch to calm my nerves

After replaying Ib, I just thought of something, what if Miyoshi was a “friendly” painting in Guertena’s gallery? Combining my very first fandom to my recent one was quite the challenge. wwwww

If you don’t know Ib, it’s a freeware RPG Maker horror exploration game where you play as a little girl trying to escape a haunted art gallery. It’s really an amazing classic so try playing it for yourselves.