Aah, I was going through my screenshot folder on fb and came across this.. so let me tell you about this tragic story(?) :’)

About a year ago, I was drawing out scenes from the first two Drama CDs (like I did with the Spring CD), and I have this ugly habit of making a lot of drawings in the same canvas/file. One night, my computer crashed right when I was saving the file. I’ve experienced this at least 5 times before, so I knew what was going to happen. The file gets corrupted :’) Technically, the information is not lost, but when you open the file, the program can read it correctly and it opens up a horrible black canvas with red noise (looks like a murder scene, I swear to god…). A file in that condition is impossible to recover <I tried A LOT of stuff, but gave up at the end>

I like to take screenshots while working, and I share them in my personal fb (for no particular reason), so this screenshot, taken probably the previous day, is the only visual left of those drawings I lost. This particular drawing was from that part where Licht and Lawless are about to fight -both naked- in the hot springs :‘DD

I can say without a doubt that losing files (or even progress) like that is the most HORRIBLE feeling ever. I was frustrated for weeks, sob.

So what’s the moral of this story? Backup your files, kids. And don’t have a million drawings in the same canvas. Also, Windows sucks. <But I don’t like Apple so I have to stick with Windows lol>. No but srsly, hope this never happens to anyone :'3


Living Doll skirt, Clover & Alice top, Dark Horse Jewellery necklace, Therapy boots, Dissh belt

I’m kind of obsessed with this outfit, so much so that I’m pretty sure it’s going to be on repeat all Summer. It’s just so perfect for a casual but not casual shindig. There’s just something so fab about off the shoulder things.

I have zilch to tell you apart from that - I’m just slugging away with uni at the moment. I officially only have one week left though; after this time next week, I’ll be done and you will never have to listen to me moan about it again haha.

I hope you all have fab weekend’s xx

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people brag about showering together and turning the water off while brushing their teeth to help the environment but don’t realize that it takes 2500 gallons of water to produce a pound of meat and that 55 square feet of rainforest has been destroyed for every burger you eat


Happy 8 Million, Jack!!

I’ve only been in this community for about half a year, and even then I was the quiet kid in the corner who didn’t talk to anyone else. But still, I was able to see how nice and welcoming the community was and I longed to contribute. To show Jack how much he and his videos cheered me up and how the positivity in this community made me smile every day. Thank you, to both Jack and this wonderful community for making my life so much brighter. >w<

I’ve always thought 3D gifs are really cool! So here’s my attempt at them! :D

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